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Dressing a Post-Partum Body

After my last style post on pregnancy fashion, I thought it’d be fun to do a follow up post on postpartum style and how to flatter your figure after you’ve had a baby (hello 4th trimester). I had my baby a little over 2 weeks ago and am in that fun stage of trying to dress my ever-changing figure!


If you’ve ever had a baby you know the postpartum season can be tricky. Just like pregnancy, you don’t want to go buy a whole new wardrobe b/c you know your body will be continually changing for quite some time. But, you probably still want to look stylish and also wear clothing that is functional for nursing, carrying a newborn, and chasing other children around (hello comfort!).

Here are a few ideas for dressing after baby:

  • Find the right shape:
    If you’ve just cranked out a baby, chances are your tummy will be a bit poochy for a while. This is nothing to be ashamed of, I mean, you just grew and birthed a human for crying out loud. But if you don’t want to accentuate your midsection, here are the types of tops to keep in mind:
    as pictured, boxier tops help hide a bulging tummy as well as provide lots of room for movement as well as ease for nursing. Win!
    pictured below, peplum style shirts flow away from the body at just the right place. I opted for a top that fit more loosely all around as apposed to a fit-n-flare style.
    not pictured, but I’ve been keeping my babydoll-style tops in heavy rotation these days. This style is typically more fitted around the shoulders than flares out right above the bust all the way to the bottom of the shirt.



  • Keep fabric in mind:
    Fabrics that carry a little more weight tend to stay put and not cling to the body. Although it’s tempting, if you are trying to flatter your postpartum figure jersey knits aren’t the best option. These types of material will hug and cling to each curve and crease. Look for tops that hold their own shape.

IMG_5091-2 IMG_5096-2

  • Consider a girdle: There are a myriad of postpartum girdles out there ranging in price. I opted for one from Walmart that was $10. I don’t wear it every day but it’s nice to have. And they are actually proven to help your uterus shrink back down and offer support after all that bodily change. Win!


  • Organize your closet:
    It can be a little depressing to see an entire closet of clothes that don’t fit, but try not to let that get you down. I suggest creating a space in your closet for the clothes that fit you now. You could even pack away the clothing you know won’t be fitting you for a while if you find yourself discouraged every time you look at your closet.
    As you start loosing baby weight, remember to keep evaluating your closet, slowly you will be able to add more items that fit and hopefully it feels like a success each time!


  • Stay positive and creative:
    Like pregnancy, I think it can be easy to just ‘give up’ during these seasons of constant bodily change. But, for me, keeping a positive spirit and challenging myself to stay creative with my wardrobe (and in other areas!), I found this season a fun chance to think outside the box and utilize what I own in new ways.


And finally, remember you are so much more than what you wear. We are children of God, we have purpose and talent, we can love and create and embrace and smile. Even if you don’t feel quite yourself in your postpartum season try to embrace today. Embrace the woman you are in this moment in time. You are a child of God, His design, and He adores you!

{As a gift to my followers I am offering 15% off one item at Penelope & Olive using the code STARLEE. That is where I ordered both of my tops in this post and I LOVE them! All items at Penelope & Olive are $40 or less which is so great when you live on a budget like me!}

Much love,

Frugal & Functional: My Best Maternity Fashion Tips & Where to Shop

IMG_3349As I draw near to the end of my 2nd pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to share my best tips for getting through pregnancy when it comes to fashion. Some women feel their most beautiful when pregnant, others feel like a giant balloon, but either way, you gotta dress yourself! And if you are like me, you don’t have a lot of extra money to go buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate this short, beautiful season. So, here are my tips for a functional and frugal maternity wardrobe…

  1. Stick with the basics.
    For the first few months of pregnancy, you can probably get by wearing your normal clothes, but as you progress you will definitely need a few things. I would recommend investing in a few pieces:
    -2 pairs of maternity jeans
    -5-6 basic maternity t-shirts (short or long sleeved depending on the season you are pregnant)
    -1-2 comfy dress options (I have 2 jersey-knit throw-on casual dresses)
    -1 nicer maternity dress (think for church or special occasion).
    It may not sound like much, but these are the basics of what I have used particularly through this 2nd pregnancy as I have realized I can make do with much less.
    If you are working away from the home and have to look more professional, this list may look different. I work 1 day/week in a professional office setting and I usually pair a dress with leggings and some flats to create a comfortable yet dressier look.IMG_2632
  2. Utilize cardigans, sweaters, or kimonos.
    With baby #2 I have been pregnant through mostly colder months and my go-to combo has been a long sleeve fitted maternity shirt under my open cardigans and sweaters. These are cardigans I already owned and simply paired them over my maternity shirts. If you are pregnant in the summer but still want a little more coverage, I would recommend buying 1-2 cute light-weight kimono style open tops.
  3. Let your accessories take the stage.
    With such few maternity pieces in my wardrobe, it’s easy to feel like I’m wearing the same old boring outfit over and over. But I’ve had a lot of fun challenging myself to wear some neglected accessories that pair well with basics. Do you have a statement necklace you like but that has been gathering dust? Pull that baby out! Do you, like me, have way too many scarves that never get worn? Put those in rotation! Try a fun hat, a funky earring, or stacking some bracelets in a new way. These things shake up an outfit and take away from the fact that you wear that simple black tank dress every week (guilty).IMG_2900
  4. Borrow from friends.
    Do you have a close friend who is a similar size and not pregnant right now? Ask them if they have a few pieces they would share with you. I was lucky enough to have a friend who just had her 4th and last baby and she passed down several wonderful pieces to me that I wore a lot over the winter. This is a frugal method to get some maternity clothes, and since it it such a short season of life, why not share the love! Then, when you are done with your season of growing babies, you can pass on your clothes too! Cool!
  5. See what you already own that will work throughout your pregnancy.
    You might be surprised to find that you have more pregnancy-friendly clothing than you realized. Flowy shirts are wonderful for accommodating the bump. I have worn my elastic high-waist skirts with a  tied up t-shirt through both pregnancies (these are easy to find at thrift stores!). Pull out any empire waist dresses; these can be easily worn with leggings as your belly grows and your dresses get shorter.IMG_3239
  6. Don’t forget about undergarments. 🙂
    Until I had Flora I didn’t realize just how much various parts of my body would change…not just my belly. Once of my 2 saving graces have been my seamless panties from Victoria’s Secret. They are the stretchy kind that have no seam around the legs or waist which accommodates growth in the bum area without cutting off circulation. My other secret weapon is my bra extender! As baby grows and takes up more space in your body, all your organs shift around and get pushed up. This means your rib cage widens and your bra size will change quite a bit. From my last pregnancy I had purchased 2 new bras, but this time around they just weren’t wide enough. For about $7 I ordered a 3 pack of bra extenders from Amazon that simply clip to your bra hook, and voila! No need to buy more bras (which can be dang pricey!).
  7. My favorite places to shop.
    So where do you find these few, but important pieces? This is where I have gone…
    -For inexpensive basic tops, shop at Ross! They have a small maternity section where I have found short and long-sleeve simple tops. They aren’t the most amazing quality, but for $3-5 a shirt, you can’t complain!
    -Check out Old Navy, online and in store. Both of my jersey-knit comfy dresses are from there. They also have great sales.
    -On Cyber Monday I ordered a pair of nice skinny jeans from Motherhood Maternity for $20 and they have been great. I don’t adore most of what Motherhood sells, but for a basic like jeans, it’s hard to go wrong.
    -Check Target for jeans, tops, and dresses. While there prices aren’t always amazing on maternity, the selection is usually pretty cute.
    -For a fancy dress, look at ASOS online. Be warned…it’s all super cute and not necessarily budget friendly.IMG_2985

Hopefully a few of these tips are helpful and you can learn from my experience and mistakes. 🙂 The season of pregnancy has really show me how little I can live with in my wardrobe and it’s kind of refreshing!



*top image by Neal Dieker Photography

Fashion Friday: Great Lengths

I love the idea of shirt dresses, but often times they can look a bit pajama-y. When I found this one online at H&M for $10, I decided to take the chance…and I’m so glad I did! This dress is insanely comfy, and with the middle tie, doesn’t seem quite as casual to me. I wore this dress to church last Sunday with my go-to heels.dearlynotedgreatlengthshmfashionminimal2(Trying my darndest to grow out my locks! Look at that! Creeping past shoulder! Woot!)
dearlynotedgreatlengthshmfashionminimal4 dearlynotedgreatlengthshmfashionminimal5

Hope y’all had a wonderful week and have a restful weekend! We are headed to the downtown chili cook off!dearlynotedgreatlengthshmfashionminimal1dearlynotedgreatlengthshmfashionminimal3Outfit Details: Dress, H&M; Earrings, Nashville Annie; Shoes, Old Navy; Ring, made by me; Bracelet, local (gift from hubby!)

Fashion Friday: Concert Wear

This last Monday, Old Navy was having some pretty good sales, and seeing how my shopping fast finally ended (seriously…a month is f o r e v e r) I decided to leave the baby with Daniel for an hour and hit ON.

I was pretty excited b/c I had been eyeing this dress all summer, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $32 on it. Thankfully it was on sale for $9 and these shoes were marked down to $8. Woot!

dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-2 dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-3

Daniel and I met up with some friends Tuesday night to see Tallest Man on Earth and this is what I wore. Guys…if you ever get the chance to see TMoE…do it! They are incredibly talented and the energy was unreal. I love that Wichita gets such great artists passing through!

dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-5 dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-4

Shout out to all moms out there. Sometimes it’s nice to not be covered with snot and all manner of food particles and feel like a prettier version of yourself. Also, shout out to parents who watch their grandchildren so their kids can maintain some sort of sanity and get a rare and treasured date night. 😉 Also shout out to any other owners of a pink home (no one? oh, ok…guess it’s just us).

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


Outfit Details: dress & shoes, Old Navy; pale pink pleather jacket, Kohls; lip color, Wet n’ Wild ‘Cherry Picking’



This weekend we officially moved! It was crazy and rainy and we are t.i.r.e.d…BUT…we are moved! No more living between 2 homes or dealing with slow painters or carpet layers. No more never seeing my husband b/c he works all day then works all night at the new house. Wahoo!

gingham-high-waisted-pants-vintage-floppy-hat-dearly-noted-lifestyle-fashion-blog-2 gingham-high-waisted-pants-vintage-floppy-hat-dearly-noted-lifestyle-fashion-blog-3

We are spending this Memorial Day with some family and friends as well as continuing to unpack. It’s a nice change of pace. And we’ve had a few minutes of sunshine before more rain and storms. As you can see I’m all-to-ready for summer to be here. Bring on sunshine, floppy hats, and swimming! ❤

gingham-high-waisted-pants-vintage-floppy-hat-dearly-noted-lifestyle-fashion-blog-4 gingham-high-waisted-pants-vintage-floppy-hat-dearly-noted-lifestyle-fashion-blog-5

Outfit Details: Shirt, pants, clutch – vintage; hat – Forever 21 (similar), sandals – Target

3 Keys to a Quick Morning Routine

The other day at Bible study a girl in my group made a comment that struck me. She has 4 kids, lives over an hour away, and faithfully comes to Bible study in Wichita each week (wonder woman, right!?). She told me that this is the reason she doesn’t look like ‘this‘ (pointing at me) ever.


In my head I just laughed b/c my morning routine is so fast and easy (granted, I don’t have 4 kids)! So I thought I’d share my 3 main tips for getting out the door quickly but while still feeling somewhat pulled together:

1. Take Your Bath/Shower at Night

Taking your bath or shower at night allows for more time in the morning to sleep or maybe just apply some mascara. It also feels great to wash off the day and slip into bed completely clean. I take a bath after Flora goes down, that way I don’t have to be in a rush. It allows for a little ‘me’ time and also helps me fall asleep.  (side note, if you can work your way to only having to wash your hair 1x/week, that also helps…and it’s good for your hair!)

2. Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

This sounds so obvious, but it’s HUGE. Knowing what I’m wearing from head to toe (yes, shoes too), saves me lots of time and frustration in the morning, where suddenly NOTHING feels comfortable. If you do find yourself in that situation though, my advice is, stick with the basics. Grab your tried and true skinnies, your favorite simple v-neck, a cardigan, and your chucks. Bam.
Now that I have a little one, I also like to lay out her outfit as well. It doesn’t always happen, but it is that little time saver.

3. Develop a Quick Hair &  Makeup Routine

My hair and makeup take me about 10-15 minutes depending on if I style my hair. With not washing my hair everyday, there is usually some styling left from the previous day and I can just touch it up or put it in a bun. With a flattering haircut and some great makeup staples, you can get a ‘finished’ look pretty quickly! My recommendation is to at least leave the house with some mascara + powder on.


Those are my tips! What helps your morning routine go more smooth? I’d love to know!


90’s Child

Even though I was technically born in ’89, I consider myself a child of the 90’s. The music, the grunge fashion, daisy print everything…and overalls!
So when Hollister had these cute distressed overalls on sale for $20 with free shipping, I decided to resurrect my 90’s roots and snag a pair. I opted for a larger size to get a baggy feel but keep it feminine with soft curls and a red lip.
I’m also LOVING my new hat which was a Christmas gift from my sweet sister-in-law! It’s been keeping me warm in these frigid temps!
How would you style overalls to give them a modern twist? I’d love to know!
dearly-noted-new-blog-lifestyle-fashion-90's-style-overalls-hollister-handm-wool-hat-thrift-how-to-style-overalls-1 dearly-noted-new-blog-lifestyle-fashion-90's-style-overalls-hollister-handm-wool-hat-thrift-how-to-style-overalls-2 dearly-noted-new-blog-lifestyle-fashion-90's-style-overalls-hollister-handm-wool-hat-thrift-how-to-style-overalls-3 dearly-noted-new-blog-lifestyle-fashion-90's-style-overalls-hollister-handm-wool-hat-thrift-how-to-style-overalls-4 dearly-noted-new-blog-lifestyle-fashion-90's-style-overalls-hollister-handm-wool-hat-thrift-how-to-style-overalls-5

dearly-noted-new-blog-lifestyle-fashion-90's-style-overalls-hollister-handm-wool-hat-thrift-how-to-style-overalls-6Outfit Details: overalls, Hollister; sweater, H&M (similar); hat, Pacsun; shoes, Ross; purse, thrifted; lip color, Smashbox in Manderin