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Powder Bath Update

As many of you know we are flipping a 1992 foreclosed home in Wichita, Kansas. We had a lot of momentum when we first started b/c many updates had to be done in order for us to move in (i.e. new roof, carpet, hardwood floors, paint). So our big pink house took on quite a transformation pretty quickly, but there are still many projects left to do! Our big winter project will be renovating our master bath, but we decided to knock out 2 smaller bathrooms first so we had 2 usable finished bathrooms to feel good about in the midst of our master bath construction. Daniel and I just finished transforming our front bath off the kitchen and I thought I’d share! This bathroom sees a lot of traffic as it is the one guests use.

Here is the bath mid-construction with lots of speckling and paint sample options. As you can see it was previously a horrid shade of yellow! This color felt very harsh in this small space that doesn’t get any natural light.  We gravitate more toward muted/cool tones. (All photos are taken with my phone and the lighting is not the best…but you can get the idea!)
IMG_0656IMG_0659There was a awkward storage cabinet above the toilet that we took down.IMG_0660

Here is the bathroom after spackling, priming, painting, new shelves, new faucet, new mirror, new towel bar, new toilet paper holder, and a little bit of styling!


The color we chose for the walls was Sherwin Williams Light French Grey. This is such a gorgeous middle tone gray. I have a feeling I will be using it for future projects!
I thrifted this mirror months and months ago…before we even bought this house. It was a steal and I just loved the shape. I’m so glad it fit perfectly in this space! I love how the gold is a bit unexpected against all the oil rubbed bronze and gray.
We were able to salvage this pedestal sink, but just replaced the faucet and drain cover.


I ordered these fun prints from Minted just to jazz up this space a little bit. I tend to thrift a lot of items to decorate and that usually means it’s a lot of vintage stuff. But I also love quirky modern art and wanted to brighten up this space with these pops of color.
The towel bar was ordered off of Amazon along with the matching toilet paper holder. The towel is from Target many moons ago.


I knew I wanted shelves that took up the width of the wall above the toilet and found this tutorial for ‘floating shelves’ on Pinterest. Daniel built them, stained them, and installed them all for under $30. I think they turned out so great!


It was a fun challenge to style these shelves! I’m not the world’s best decorator and we are also budgeting very strictly right now, so I knew I needed to use items we already had around the house. I rummaged in the basement and gathered items. This vintage fan was my grandfather’s who just passed away! I love the character it adds.


Here is the lower shelf. All items were thrifted for the shelves, given to me, or made with the exception of this basket which I got on sale at Target. I love the copper handles!


This is the top of the toilet…not to exciting. But I did decide to make a tissue box cover out of felt using this tutorial. I think it just neutralizes the look and I never like the designs on tissue boxes.IMG_0988

Other details that are small but make a big impact are the light socket and wall sockets and covers. Throughout this house ALL of them are an almond color. It’s not the worst thing, but does tend to age the house. Plus, after we sprayed all the trim white, the coordinating sockets make everything look more cohesive and finished. So Daniel changed this out as well as the socket near the sink.


A close up of the toilet paper holder. Not sure why, but I like the ones you slide on better than the spring loaded ones!


I wish the lighting was better so you could get a truer sense of the color, but here is the finished product!! We will be changing out the door knob and hinge to be oil rubbed bronze as some point too. But, that’s really the last detail! Wahoo!
Even though we are living in the midst of a flip, it feels so good to knock out an entire room. I feel so happy every time I walk by this bathroom now and I’m not so ashamed when guests come over! Haha.


How I Curb My Soda Craving

It’s been a while since I’ve had a non-baby related post, so I thought I’d share this simple ‘recipe’ for how I curb my soda cravings! (Dr. Pepper lover right here!)

We all know pop isn’t good for us, it’s filled with sugar and many other teeth-rotting substances. If you are like me, you practically grew up on the stuff so it’s hard not to crave it…especially on a warm summer’s day!

After years of trying to completely cup pop from my diet (and always failing), I discovered an alternative concoction that has helped me to nearly eliminate soda from my diet (let’s be honest…I’m not perfect!).

Ingredients: Lime + selzer/soda water

Supplies: Citrus press, glass cup


  • Cut lime in half, then half again creating a wedge.
  • Grab a glass and using a citrus press, squeeze your lime wedge and let juices fall into bottom of glass. Using the press allows you to get far more lime juice than simply squeezing by hand.
  • Pour cold selzter water into glass over the juice, naturally distributing the lime goodness.
  • Enjoy!



That’s it! SO easy! So easy, I’m not even sure if this is considered a ‘recipe’, but it’s something that has helped me move in a heathier direction. Seltzer water has carbonation which satisfies that bubbly feeling in soda that I love. And a bit of fresh lime gives it a punch of flavor. The other great thing about this, is most restaurants will make this for you if you ask…and THEY NEVER CHARGE for it! No more spending $5 for soda when you eat out! Healthier for your body AND your budget! Woot!

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Star Lee

All About Ironing

As the years go by my passions become more clear to me. One of these passions is sewing. I have discovered I am by nature a textiles person; the feel, the structure, the construction, the weave…it all intrigues me. One of my aspirations is to become a better seamstress and develop this skill. One of the biggest tools in sewing is an iron.

Since becoming a wife the use of my iron and ironing board has escalated to the point that I am now on ironing board 2, and iron….4 maybe (I blew through several of those Target $12.99 ones real fast)? It became clear to me that I need to invest in more quality pieces that will withstand such frequent use. With Daniel having a more corporate job, he wears collared shirts everyday and thus I iron much more of his clothing than before. I also have dryer-phobia b/c of seeing one-to-many of my favorite items ruined in that heat death trap. This leads to air-dried clothing which are very wrinkly and need a good pressing. And lastly, with my love of sewing, I frequently need my iron at hand to help create seams, etc.

So for my birthday this year I asked for 2 things, The Horse watch, which my AmAzInG sister got for me, and a new iron. My sweet sweet mother bought me the Panasonic 360 Quick Multidirectional Steam/Dry Iron. After a little over a month of use I can officially say…I’m in LOVE.

panasonic 360 iron

This iron costs almost $100 if you don’t use a coupon, so it IS an investment, but one that I believe is worth it. My favorite feature is how well the steam functions. When I iron I rely heavily on steam to help release wrinkles and the Panasonic produces just the right amount. It has a clear dial to instruct you on the proper heat for the type of fabric you are using. And, I think the most unique feature is its almost curved diamond shape. This allows for ‘mulit-directional’ use and I’ve noticed my ironing just goes a lot faster! I love how it heats up quickly and has an auto-shut off, just in case I forget to unplug.

By now you might be thinking, ‘Wow. What a nerd.’ But if you ever find yourself in the phase/stage of life where ironing becomes a drag, it may be b/c you don’t have the right tools!

Lastly, I want to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned along the ironing way:

  1. To preserve the life of your ironing board, line it with tin foil. My previous ironing board started to rust and fall a part b/c I didn’t do this. All that moisture and heat can really do some damage and eventually it will start to get on your clothing.
  2. Use ONLY distilled water in your iron. I didn’t do this until recently and I’m learning it makes a big difference. You will lengthen the life of your iron greatly as well as prevent build up from transferring from your iron to your clothing.
  3. Find a place in your home where your ironing board and iron can ‘live’. I remember growing up hearing that oh-so-familiar sound of the ironing board being propped up. I think that was half the battle, just getting it out. I find it so much more enjoyable/doable when it’s already set up. So if you can, have a little ironing station.
  4. Mind your heat settings. I sadly ruined a pretty little silk number last year b/c my iron was far too hot. More delicate materials need lower heat.

Thanks for letting me geek out a bit. Ironing weirdly relieves my stress and makes the OCD side of me happy. Wrinkles to wrinkle free!

Here is a pic of my gorgeous watch!

the horse watch

How to Style a ‘Messy Lob’

Ever since little miss started grabbing/reaching for EVERYTHING, I decided a haircut was in order! (I know I know…the post-baby haircut…) After some Pinterest searching, I decided to chop my hair into a ‘lob’ (long bob) and I absolutely love it. It still feels mature but is much more practical for my mom-on-the-go lifestyle.
Recently a few of my Instagram followers asked how I style my hair like this so I thought I’d share!

For supplies you will need:

  • a skinny straightener
  • hair clips
  • fine tooth comb
  • hair wax
  • hairspraystyling-a-messy-lob-how-to-style-lob-clear-the-shoulders-flat-iron-waves-dearly-noted-lifestyle-style-blog-1

Step 1: Wash as usual then add a texturizing spray or foam mouse then air dry or blow dry.
Step 2: Using hair clips, part your hair into 3 sections from bottom to top.
Step 3: Using a skinny flat iron and starting with the bottom-most layer curl small/medium sections of hair away from your face. I like to start on one side working toward the back center of my head, then repeat on the opposite side.
Step 4: Let down the middle section and repeat step 3 EXCEPT this time curl the sections toward your face. Repeat again for the top section working away from your face. This pattern breaks up the curls/waves so they don’t all clump together.
Step 5: Allow hair to completely cool (very important) then run fingers through curls to separate them. I sometimes flip my hair upside down a few times as well.
Step 6: Using a fine tooth comb, backcomb at the crown and top sections to add volume and a hint of messiness.
Step 7: And finally, add product. I start with a small amount of wax which I rub in between my fingers then rub into my scalp at the roots near the top half of my head. I think the wax is key for attaining and keeping volume throughout the day. I then finish with a light coat of hair spray, lifting my hair at the roots as I spray.


There you have it! A messy lob. I love this look b/c it doesn’t have to be perfect and all-in-all it takes about 10 minutes!

Happy hairstyling! ;D

Last Minute Christmas Gift DIYs

My latest 2 DIYs on Camp Makery would make excellent last minute gifts for friends/friends with babies! If you haven’t seem them over at CM, I thought I’d share them here!
First are these easy and adorable baby headbands! Flora has already modeled them on here several times. 🙂 Get the full DIY here.

a-diy-jersey-knit-baby-headband-turban-accessory-camp-makery-easy-diy-1.5 a-diy-jersey-knit-baby-headband-turban-accessory-camp-makery-easy-diy-1

Next are these fun Anthropologie inspired DIY woven ornaments! Just pop in a Christmas movie and crank out a few of these for a hand-crafted gift!
Get the full DIY here!

Anthropologie-inspired-diy-woven-ornaments-christmas-holiday-camp-makery-weavings-tree-decor-budget-craft-1 Anthropologie-inspired-diy-woven-ornaments-christmas-holiday-camp-makery-weavings-tree-decor-budget-craft-6


Hope you all are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! Blessings!

39 Week Bumpdate



How far along: 39 weeks
Food Comparison: A pumpkin (so naturally I had to get a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte!)
Weight gain: 39.5 lbs, my doula says this is a great amount of weight for me to gain given my body type and height. Sure feels like a lot to me!
Maternity clothes: SAD story! My ONE pair of maternity shorts that I bought (and they were $35! More than I spend on anything)got ruined in the wash! Good thing I’m so close to the end, but I was planning on wearing those in subsequent pregnancies….sigh.


Progression: A little over 1 cm and cervix is thinning. I think I’ve started to loose my mucus plug and I’m having cramps and lower back pain…all signs labor could be coming soon. I’m trying not to get my hopes up! I’ve been walking Josie like crazy and doing what I can to help this along! 🙂
Sleep: I’m up every hour to pee and rotate sides, so nothing new. I know I will be sleep deprived when she comes, but the idea of sleeping more than 1 hour in a row sounds like a dream!
Best moment last week: I’ve been continuing to sew little clothes for Flora and had a great time making this little top! I used silk from a dress that I accidentally ruined by having the iron too hot, and leftover fabric from making bow ties!


Worst moment last week: Ok, this is embarrassing, but when I was putting away laundry and saw that those maternity shorts got shredded in the dryer…I just broke down and cried. Like weeping crying. I was so mad that I had wasted good money on them, annoyed that they are the only thing that fits me and now they are gone, and once the tears started coming, they just didn’t stop. Sweet Daniel told me I could get another pair but what’s the point when I’m this close? During my quiet time today the Lord revealed to me that all that is earthly fades, perishes, tarnishes. Everything takes maintenance, upkeep, money to repair. Only my inheritance in Him will be sustained. He is my hope…not maternity shorts. 🙂
Miss anything: My body being my body. It’s SUCH a privilege to be a vessel for this little life and I’ve really enjoyed it. That being said, I am a bit ready to be ‘me’ again and have Flora be Flora.
Movement: She sure has been squirming at night lately!
Cravings: I still have the biggest sweet tooth. I’m a salty snack lover by nature, but after dinner I go crazy if I don’t have a little something sweet!
Queasy or sick: Praise the Lord, no. But there are def some new sensations as I near the end. Every gas bubble makes me wonder is something is happening! 😉
Looking forward to: Not looking like this giant panda here…

Prayer Request: I would draw my strength from the Lord and have the stamina to make it through the entire labor and delivery without any interventions. And as always, for a sweet healthy baby girl!!

Advancing Your Craft


Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a ‘textile’ person. Crafts that involve any sort of fabric, knit, or woven material are the ones that get me most excited. Also…you should see my closet. I just love clothes and fashion!

I’ve been interested in sewing since elementary school and I’ve gotten to be ok at it. But lately I’m inspired to really try to advance ‘my craft’. It took me a while to realize it, but sewing and textiles are MY craft. I have many friends who are so talented at painting, drawing, graphics, web design, etc…but that just isn’t me. No matter how hard I try, none of those things will come as naturally to me as sewing.

Thankfully my mother-in-law is an incredibly talented seamstress so I try to glean from her what I can (and hope to more!). Also…the internet makes advancing your craft that much easier.

Take this dress above for example. I made this dress last week for my baby girl (who STILL isn’t here, btw) from a pattern online called the Geranium Dress. It has wonderful pictures and instructions…well worth the $10! I had a BLAST making this thing. It was much more complicated than what I’ve previously tried…but accomplishing this little 3-6 month size dress really gave me a confidence boost. I’m SO excited to try new patterns and get out of my sewing rut! I want to advance MY craft. I even want to graduate into making big people clothing. 😉

I challenge you to figure out what YOUR craft is and to take one new step toward advancing it! It’s so invigorating! It doesn’t have to be a big step, mine wasn’t!