Unity & Community: A Table Well Set

by starleewhite

img_5433Today I have wanted to set a new table.

By that I mean take off anything that is taking up space, sweep up the crumbs, and start with a clean slate.

After the results of the election came in, I have been feeling a need to re-think a few things in my life and I’m starting with my table.


That may sound like a strange place to begin, but if there is one thing Joanna Gaines has taught me (and let’s face it, she has taught me a lot!) it’s that community happens around the table. Conversation happens around the table. There is something special, maybe even spiritual, when we sit down together, break bread, and TALK. Barriers that seem insurmountable get resolved. Connections are created. Differences that seem so great start to dissolve. There is UNITY created when we connect with someone face to face.


So I am committing in the next 4 years to be more intentional about inviting people to my table. To listening more around my table. To create better food to eat at my table (eep!).

Maybe it’s simply an old friend I’ve known forever, maybe it’s my husband and babies, or maybe it’s someone new and different than me…however you slice it, I want to work toward unity and community around my table. I want to start conversations and find connections with the other humans in my city. I want to live more like Jesus and less like the world.


Would you join me in this challenge to put down your phones and eat real food with real people and have real conversations? Maybe even do some real listening to learn about them? I have a feeling that by opening our doors, not building walls, we can be the change we are all longing for.

(random aside: we have been using cloth napkins in my household for the last year as a way to consume less. I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere they create and what it adds to our table. As my children grow I want to teach them that God cares about his creation and we should try to create less waste. If you’ve never considered using cloth napkins, you might give it a thought!)