Wallace Harold: Month 4

by starleewhite

‘Some of us are made to be faster, and some slower, some of us louder, and some quieter. Some of us are made to build things and nurture things. Some of us are made to write songs and grants and novels, all different things. And I’m finding that one of the greatest delights in life is walking away from what someone told you you should be, in favor of walking toward what you truly love, in your own heart, in your own secret soul.’
Shauna Niequist


Wally’s Progress:

My little man continues to fill out (look how perfectly chunky he is!) and remains a wonderful eater. He is definitely getting more efficient but still eats every 2 hours unless I really push him. When other’s care for him he can go longer stretches, but when I’m around…I think he can smell me or something! Ha. He loves to eat, and I love to feed him. Such a special time.

Still not much change here! We put him to bed at about 7:30 and he wakes up at about 4:30 to eat, then goes back down. We are spoiled here, I realize! Pretty sure this is God’s gift to us b/c we need all the sleep we can get parenting a 2 year old!
Wally remains in the SwaddleMe wrap in his Moses basket next to our bed. He has almost outgrown the wrap!



Wallace is confidently rolling over from back to tummy. Any time I lay him down he instantly rolls over and starts to try to army crawl! He can sort of inch his way along the blanket. I really don’t think Flora did this so soon and I’m slightly freaking out! I’m SO not ready to have 2 mobile children. Ha! But it’s hard not to encourage it when he seems so happy to try. I’ll just take him where he’s at any old day!

He continues to smile and giggle and enjoy being held. He really loves being talked to and looked at in the eye. Usually he will start to coo back and we have little conversations. It’s my favorite thing!

We’ve definitely transitioned out of the newborn stage into full-blown baby stage. Wally is trying to reach out and grab things (still working on his aim. lol) and is just so very aware of presence. He fusses anytime I walk out of the room.
He is in size 2 diapers but we will be moving up to 3s shortly I have a feeling! He is in size 3-6 month and I’ve been having fun dressing him in overalls and sweet fall boy colors!

I take Wally and Flora to BSF on Wednesdays and they both do great in the childcare there. I have to nurse Wally halfway through, but then hand him right back and enjoy having a little break from being mommy for a bit.


Mama Updates:

This last month was a bit of a blur…when are they not? Ha. We went to Colorado to celebrate my mom turning 60. It was a great time with family and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful CO landscape. Taking 2 young babes out of their routine and putting them at 10,000 feet…that was an adventure! But we all survived. I will say that Daniel and I concluded that future ‘vacations’ probably won’t involve the kiddos. It was a lot of work!

I know these posts are mainly about Wally, but part of my battle this last month was facing the terrible 2s right in the face! I adore my daughter to the moon and back, but boy! She’s really learning how to push me to my limits! I know we will survive, but goodness…it might be a miracle.

This last month has been a lot of convo between Daniel and me about when to sell our house. I’m excited about this and also unsettled b/c…where will we live next?! I know God will provide.
Along with this notion, I’ve had a growing desire to move out of the city and into the country. I want a big garden and chickens and to let my kiddos run and play in the dirt. I’m longing for less screen time and more real interactions with nature and discovering God’s creation. I want to grow and touch my food and cook it slowly and eat out less. I want to know where the things I buy come from and how they were made or grown. There are a lot of these types of desires welling up in me lately. I really need to do a whole blog post about it (warning…it could be long!).
So we will see what ends up happening! My hope and prayer is that our next home will be one we stay in for a long while. One we can put our own spin on and make a safe place for our family to grow.


Best/Hard Moments:

Ya know…days with kiddos are full of both of these…amiright? Ha. It seems that everyday we have some super hard challenging moments where things suddenly escalate and everyone is tired and hungry and grumpy and frustrated all at the same time…then a few minutes later, when babes are fed and napping, there is a stillness, a sweetness, a small moment to reflect and change the tune of my heart from frustrated/panic to thankful.
I can’t necessarily identify a specific high or low this month…it’s such a mixture each day. But, you know what? God is growing and teaching me SO much in this season.
I’m learning humility…b/c OHMYGOODNESS I do not have it all together and the second I think I do my toddler throws a ball at our realtor’s face and tells her in the meanest voice possible, ‘DON’T TOUCH MY SLIDE!’ and you instantly are mortified and wonder, ‘Oh heavens, where did she learn to say that?! Did she learn that from me?! I better watch my tone! Am I that possessive? Crap!’
I’m learning not to find my soul’s satisfaction in my spouse…or in anything other than Christ alone. When I do seek satisfaction elsewhere, I am always disappointed and not grace-filled and constantly placing blame outside of myself.
I’m learning that God has created me uniquely and that I have got to stop trying to be some version of someone else. I am starting to embrace my own ‘secret soul’ (see quote above) and discover just what that looks like.
I’m learning there are only so many hours in a day and I have to guard those hours and intentionally shape them…or the world will do it for me.
I’m learning to SLOW DOWN. Why am I literally running from one room to the next? Just breath, Star. Literally…take a big deep breath that reaches down to your toes. Hold it. Let it out slowly.
I’m learning that exercise is so wonderful for my spirit and my body. Stretching, running, elliptical with HGTV…oh yes!
I’m learning I can live with SO much less and having less to manage is helping my focus to shift more fully on what’s important in my life. Being present.

There’s my rambly 4 month update. A moment where I finally sit and reflect and ponder what the last month held. I always enjoy doing that. I need to do it.

Thanks for reading!