Birchbox Review: My top 3 product picks

by starleewhite

Last Christmas I received a year’s subscription to Birchbox. Birchbox is a company that sends their subscribers samples of beauty related products in a cute little box each month. After a year of trying out new brands and products, I thought I would share my top 3 picks. Upon sampling new lip colors and a lot of new skin care products, really I can boil the best items (in my opinion) down to just 3 things. While I did enjoy the excitement of getting something fun in the mail each month, I was not blown over by the majority of what I received. To be honest, many of the samples have landed in my ‘travel sized’ storage box that I grab from when packing for a short trip. I tend to be a ‘stick to the basics’ girl when it comes to my beauty routine, but in an effort to get out of my ‘box’ (haha), Birchbox was a fun little experiment to experience new brands.

These 3 products are all ones I have purchased full-sized versions of b/c I fell in love. These are products I would have otherwise never known about!

  1. Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator


When it comes to my face, I am picky about what I use b/c I tend to have sensitive skin and hormone related break outs. A big part of my cleansing routine is exfoliating. I used to use my Clarisonic exclusively, but now I have switched to using this Vasanti Brighten Up in rotation with my Clarisonic. The Vasanti product is the best, non-mechanical, face exfoliant I have ever tried. It does not lather up, but has a pleasant cleansing smell and super tiny micro beads that exfoliate really well. There is something sort of therapeutic about using this stuff. My face always feels extra clean and smooth after each use. I start by washing off my makeup with my tried-and-true Cetaphil, then follow-up with the Vasanti. LOVE this product.

2. Amika Un.done Texture Spray


As I style my hair I like to keep the products to a minimum. I have very fine but very thick hair and it really holds onto product. After a few days without washing, product can really build up and weigh it down  so I typically use hairspray the first day or two then nothing else. Once I tried this texture spray I was hooked! I quickly used up the little bottle they sent and ordered a full-sized one. I use this spray to lift my roots and give my hair a bit more ‘body’ on top. My hair can tend to get a bit ‘triangle’ in shape being heavy on the bottom, so I need help with lift at the roots. This stuff does the magic. I also feel like this product doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff or dirty at all which I like a lot. If you struggle with keeping body in your hair throughout the day, I highly recommend this product.

3.W3ll People Expressionist Mascara


Guys. I’m so lame when it comes to mascara. I have been using the same brand of Maybelline mascara since I was in middle school…you know the one with the pink bottle and green cap? After shelling out money on cheap and expensive mascaras that promise the world, I always came back to my staple. My lashes are very blonde and very long so it takes a very particular type of brush/consistency of mascara to work with my lashes. I hate clumps and I just want it to go on easily. When I saw a mascara sample in my Birchbox I sighed b/c I knew it would be another failed try. Boy, was I wrong! I am loving this W3ll People mascara. Something about the consistency of the liquid and the shape of the brush makes this stuff go on really smooth with no mess! This mascara creates a more subtle natural look to my eyelashes, which is what I generally prefer with my makeup anyways. So lately I’ve been using the W3ll People on a more daily basis, then my classic Maybelline when I want my lashes to look a little more full and intense.


I want to end this post by saying that I am in no way a beauty product expert. My method has always been to find what I like and just stick to it so my daily routine is as simple and quick as possible. For me to shell out more than $5 on a beauty product, I have to REALLY like it. All 3 of these items fall into that category for me. If you have been looking to try out anything similar to these products, I would recommend each of them!

Thanks for reading!