Motherhood Moments: Month 12

by starleewhite

Here we are, friends. My final ‘Motherhood Moments’ capturing Flora Lee’s first year of life. It has been so fun to document her growth, capture some images, recall the challenges we’ve faced, but most of all…to see God’s goodness to us. I can’t thank you enough if you have taken the time to read any of my ramblings and I hope in some way you have been encouraged. 🙂

Flora Updates: 

  • Eating: This girl is built like her daddy…if it’s in front of her she will eat it! I’m glad! Flora isn’t a picky eater at all and this last month she discovered her love for steamed broccoli and for cheese. A typical meal for her throughout the day would be as follows: bfast- banana slices, cherrios, scrambled egg; lunch- sliced ham, string cheese (cut up), sliced up strawberries; dinner- whatever we are eating! That usually consists of a veggie and a meat. She is down to 3 bottles a day and we have transitioned her to whole milk, which she didn’t mind at all. Woot!
  • Sleeping: Flora’s sleep schedule continues to change based on when she goes to bed, but a typical day now is waking up at 6 for a bottle, goes down for another 30-45 mins; naps from 8:30-9:30; naps from 1-2:30; possible nap from 4-5 (not always); bed at 7:30/8. I’ve really been enjoying this almost 3-nap schedule! And I’m celebrating b/c She is sleeping through the night in my book! I’m up at 5:30am for my quiet time so it’s been wonderful this last month!
  • Devolpment: At her 1 year checkup, Flora weighed in at 19lbs (45%), was 30” long (79%), and had a head circumference of 46cm (79%). She is taking several steps unsupported, but isn’t flying solo just yet. Flora climbs up and down our huge staircase all by herself (with me a few steps behind her) and has incredible dexterity/ability to pick up any and everything. She has 3 official teeth now and a 4th is about to pop through on the top! She has mastered the words ‘dada’ and ‘doggie’ and I believe when she says ‘baba’ she is trying to say ‘mama’. That’s what I choose to believe at least! 🙂 She LOVES other kids and lights up at the store or at church when she sees other small children. Flora continues to adore music and drums, we even got her a wooden instrument set for her birthday that she has been enjoying.
  • Fav & Least Fav Things: Flora is also built like her daddy in that she does the best when she is on the go and has lots to do. She loves to explore and see how everything around her works. Her least favorite things lately is riding in the shopping cart. I can keep her happy for about 2 minutes then she wants down to roam around. I’m still working on this b/c I can’t give up grocery shopping!


Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: The best moment this last month was celebrating Flora’s 1 year birthday! I threw a honey-bee themed party (pics to come!) for her and she got to celebrate with her friends and some of the people who have really supported us this last year. I wish I could have invited everyone honestly! I really put my heart and soul into being creative and resourceful with all the decorations, games, and food. I had some help from my family and it all went off great!
  • Learning Moments: There are 3 key things that come to mind that I feel I’ve learned this last month. 1) I HAVE to have a creative outlet/project/goal going at all times! Working on Flora’s party just got me so excited, gave me something to work toward, and I was just…happy! 2) Daily quite times for me are a MUST. Guys, I’ve started to get up at 5:30am each morning and that time with Jesus is oh-so sweet. It sets the tone for my day and I am feeling much closer to my Savior day-by-day. I’m really trying to lift up my burdens to him and be intentional about praying for others. 3) Flora needs LOTS of activity and thus, I need to create a schedule. I don’t know about you, but sometimes weeks would go by and, while I got a lot done, I couldn’t really identify it. I would also be scrambling to make meals, grocery shop, do laundry, get Flora out-and-about, etc. I’ve been developing a routine for us that is working a lot better and I think she and I are both benefiting (would you like me to share that routine on here? I could do a separate post if so!)
  • Hard Moments: The Lord is really working in my heart right now pointing out areas that I need to give to him. I’m currently doing Whole30 and that has been more of a spiritual exercise than I ever imagined! I am seeing how much I run to food to find comfort. That nightly glass of red wine and a few bites of dark chocolate to unwind…that’s all fine, but what I really truly need more than anything, is JESUS. He is my comforter and my all-in-all. He has really been teaching me that if I was stripped of everything, I would still have Him and therefore be ok, be whole, be complete. I’m learning that when I’m stressed, when Flora has been particularly difficult, I need to come to HIM and draw on His strength. Work in progress, but the Lord is helping me.
  • Weight/Body Check-in: Part of Whole30 is that you can’t weigh yourself, so I have absolutely no idea what I weigh. But, better than a number on a scale, I FEEL good. Taking my daily regimen of raw vitamins, eating right, drinking lots of water, going to the Y, all of these things have helped me just feel better this month!
  • Misc: I’m really going to miss this monthly chance to reflect on how Flora has grown and how I have grown as a mother. It has been a hard commitment at times, but I’m glad I stuck with it for 12 whole months. It seems like just yesterday we brought Flora home, me still on narcotics b/c of the emergency c-section, Flora this tiny 6 lb bundle, Fall starting to change all the big trees. Now, I get to relive that season with a one year old! It is truly miraculous to me how in just one short year, 365 days, you can go from a tiny baby not even the length of your forearm, to a toddler who you can hardly hold. To you new mommas, hold those sweet tiny nursing babes as long as you like. Put down your phone, leave the laundry, and just stare at that squishy face, inhale that nourishing newborn smell, touch those tiny baby toes, and just know your little baby is precious. Each moment is a precious gift.

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