Fashion Friday: Concert Wear

by starleewhite

This last Monday, Old Navy was having some pretty good sales, and seeing how my shopping fast finally ended (seriously…a month is f o r e v e r) I decided to leave the baby with Daniel for an hour and hit ON.

I was pretty excited b/c I had been eyeing this dress all summer, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $32 on it. Thankfully it was on sale for $9 and these shoes were marked down to $8. Woot!

dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-2 dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-3

Daniel and I met up with some friends Tuesday night to see Tallest Man on Earth and this is what I wore. Guys…if you ever get the chance to see TMoE…do it! They are incredibly talented and the energy was unreal. I love that Wichita gets such great artists passing through!

dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-5 dearly-noted-fashion-friday-shift-dress-old-navy-concert-outfit-clog-sandals-lob-4

Shout out to all moms out there. Sometimes it’s nice to not be covered with snot and all manner of food particles and feel like a prettier version of yourself. Also, shout out to parents who watch their grandchildren so their kids can maintain some sort of sanity and get a rare and treasured date night. 😉 Also shout out to any other owners of a pink home (no one? oh, ok…guess it’s just us).

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


Outfit Details: dress & shoes, Old Navy; pale pink pleather jacket, Kohls; lip color, Wet n’ Wild ‘Cherry Picking’