How I Curb My Soda Craving

by starleewhite

It’s been a while since I’ve had a non-baby related post, so I thought I’d share this simple ‘recipe’ for how I curb my soda cravings! (Dr. Pepper lover right here!)

We all know pop isn’t good for us, it’s filled with sugar and many other teeth-rotting substances. If you are like me, you practically grew up on the stuff so it’s hard not to crave it…especially on a warm summer’s day!

After years of trying to completely cup pop from my diet (and always failing), I discovered an alternative concoction that has helped me to nearly eliminate soda from my diet (let’s be honest…I’m not perfect!).

Ingredients: Lime + selzer/soda water

Supplies: Citrus press, glass cup


  • Cut lime in half, then half again creating a wedge.
  • Grab a glass and using a citrus press, squeeze your lime wedge and let juices fall into bottom of glass. Using the press allows you to get far more lime juice than simply squeezing by hand.
  • Pour cold selzter water into glass over the juice, naturally distributing the lime goodness.
  • Enjoy!



That’s it! SO easy! So easy, I’m not even sure if this is considered a ‘recipe’, but it’s something that has helped me move in a heathier direction. Seltzer water has carbonation which satisfies that bubbly feeling in soda that I love. And a bit of fresh lime gives it a punch of flavor. The other great thing about this, is most restaurants will make this for you if you ask…and THEY NEVER CHARGE for it! No more spending $5 for soda when you eat out! Healthier for your body AND your budget! Woot!

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Star Lee