Motherhood Moments: Month 11

by starleewhite

Who can turn the world on with her smile?
Who can take a nothing day
And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
Well, it’s you girl and you should know it…

IMG_8398 IMG_8400

Flora Updates:

  • Eating: Flora takes a 6oz bottle appx every 4 hours and eats with us at every meal. We feed her anything we are eating as long as it isn’t spicy and she can gum it easily. She is a great eater (as evidenced by her chunkalicious thighs) and I’m so glad. I am praying for a girl who isn’t picky and will at least give everything a try. So far so good! I’m considering transitioning her to whole milk this week so we will see how that goes!
  • Sleeping: Her sleep schedule has changed a little bit. She wakes up at 7:30am generally then naps from 9:30-10:30, then again at about 4 until 5:30pm. She then goes down about 7:30-8pm waking for a bottle at (gasp) 5am. I’m praying that her 5am feeding gradually goes away. I feel like we are so close! It was 2, then 3, then 4, and now we are at 5! I’m dreaming of a full.nights.sleep.
  • Development: Flora is so alert and aware of everything. If you are holding something, she wants to investigate it, hold it, taste it, and probably drop it…just to see what happens. If I hide something behind me so she can’t see it, she crawls around me to get to it. She loves to pull herself up on any and everything, scoot around tables and chairs, and most of all, get into cabinets and pull EVERYTHING out. She is still doing her funny one-leg crawl, but gets where she wants to go! She is standing without support sometimes, but isn’t too confident in that yet. No steps on her own. ‘Dada’ continues to be her best word, and no ‘Mama’ to my discontent. She loves to point at things and has recently begun this hilarious and very maniacal sounding laugh which she does a LOT. We went to the lake with my parents and spent the majority of last Saturday on the water in the boat…she had a blast!
  • Fav & Least Fav Things: Flora’s favorite thing is probably a tie between crawling all over me at all times and diggin in/crawling into the cabinets while pulling everything out. Her least favorite thing is when I leave the room at nap time. Oh how she can wail!

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Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: This last month has just been…sweet. And let me tell ya, I needed one of those. After months of stress and ups and downs, I feel like I’ve had lots of good time with Daniel. Lots of play time with Flora. We have been productive but also spent time resting and enjoying our newly finished screened-in porch. I’ve started reading again, something I don’t do enough of but I love. I’m currently reading Little Women for the first time and it is seriously changing me.
    I just feel like I have had a heart shift in the last few weeks of not being so anxious. Maybe it’s all of these yummy raw supplements, or maybe some essential oil goodness, or maybe just Jesus…but whatever it is, I’m glad. I’m just realizing that at the end of life, I’m not going to look back and be proud of how clean my house was, how on-trend my fashion was, how pretty my Instagram pictures are…no. I will care about how I treated others, how I enjoyed God and His creation, and that I was true to the person God created me to be. Right now I’m on this journey with God where I feel like He is revealing to me who ‘me’ is. The me that he knit together and dreamed up. The me that gives Him butterflies of excitement and glory when He sees me honoring Him. I’m learning that the Lord didn’t create me to think, imagine, play, dream, write, sing, like anyone else…so why am I trying? Or why do I compare myself with others? That’s just silly. B/c that isn’t being the ‘me’ He designed.
  • Learning Moments: My eyes have been opened more this month to the importance of keeping Flora and myself on somewhat of a schedule. I’m not a stickler for keeping nap time sacred, but I just see how she functions so much better and how I have pockets to rest and keep up the house and have a regular quiet time. So I’m trying to schedule our errands and outings around naps to make life a little better for us all.
  • Hard Moments: There haven’t been any! Yahooooooooooo!
  • Weight/Body Check-In: Dairy continues to hate me and I’m learning what sets my gut off more and more. But other than that, slowly, I’m starting to feel like my old self again physically. I’ve been drinking a lot more kombucha and taking a probiotic and that has been helping!
  • Misc: Goodness I’m just so thankful for my little family. And our crazy pink house that I never thought I would be grateful for. It’s growing on me (don’t tell Daniel). I’m enjoying making this our home and finally starting to craft and sew again.
    Flora’s 1 year birthday party is next month and I’ve started making decorations and think through all the fun little things we will do. I thought I would be sad about having an almost 1 year old…but I’m not. I’m SO happy and excited for her and the fact that we survived her first year! 😀IMG_8399