Motherhood Moments: Month 10

by starleewhite

This pretty little blue-eyed soul is now 10 months old and oh, is she changing!   IMG_7529  IMG_7525

Flora Updates:

  • Eating: Flora continues to do great with formula and eating all sorts of solids. Her absolute favorite food is blueberries, but she loves to eat anything. I have already missed breastfeeding her so much, but there is a sense of freedom now that she is on bottles!
  • Sleeping: For the last several weeks, Flora has figured out how to sit up and stand in her crib (we had to lower it). This is fine except she cannot for the life of her figure out how to lay back down. And sometimes, for a reason unknown to us, she will sit up in her sleep and get ‘stuck’! So, some nights Daniel and I end up going upstairs to just lay her back down. Haha. It’s pretty funny and also annoying when it’s happening every hour throughout the night!
  • Development: My baby girl is getting so long and so chunky! Her thighs have filled out and she just weighs more and more. I love seeing her grow! She is full on crawling (in her very own unique way where she drags her right leg underneath her). And she now pulls up on EVERYTHING and scoots along. It took her a while to get mobile, but now she is EVERYWHERE. She finds every speck of dirt and every little string on the floor. I’m having to up my cleaning game for sure! Flora still loves to say ‘dada’ and hasn’t mastered ‘mama’ just yet.
    We are entering the phase where if I leave the room, even if she is with my mom or in the nursery at church, she starts to cry. She is very aware of my presence!
    As you can see from these pictures, it’s not all daisies and roses. Haha. Her little personality is definitely coming our more and more and she really knows what she wants (usually me…holding her…or on the floor…playing with her…or chasing her around…or feeding her…whew!).
  • Fav & Least Fav Things: Flora just loves when her ‘dada’ gets home and really lights up. I think she enjoys it when we are both here with her engaging and playing and chatting as a family. It’s probably my fav thing too. 😉
    Lately she has reverted to being an awful napper. Bah. So I’d say her least favorite thing is being put down for a nap when she isn’t quite ‘ready’ (aka, fighting it like a ninja).


Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: This last month we have continued to settle into our new home and develop more of a routine. I’ve really enjoyed decorating (still a long way to go) and using my Young Living essential oils in new ways. I’m excited to purify my home and use safe cleaning products. We also added some finishing touches to the nursery and I love being up there with Flora and playing.
  • Learning Moments: Boy, am I learning that having a mobile child is just intense sometimes! I have to be so vigilant to watch her and make sure she doesn’t harm herself. She has pulled herself up and fallen a few times as well as even put a small piece of glass in her mouth (eek!). I think I’m also learning right now how to balance working on our new house and enjoying the summer season. It’s good to work, it’s good to play. I tend to feel guilty if I’m not ‘accomplishing’ something. But sometimes doing nothing is accomplishing something great…like rest for your soul.
  • Hard Moments: I debated on whether to share this, but I hope that maybe another mother out there will find it helpful and not feel like a crazy lady. A few weeks ago I had a full on freak-out meltdown and I just left the house for several hours to be ALONE and sort out a few things. But, I couldn’t really sort much out b/c it was literally like I was having an out-of-body experience. I was so angry and sad and tired and just completely not myself or any version of myself that I want to be. I was throwing hangers and screaming and my heart was pounding. I just had to get away from anybody and figure out a way to calm down. Fast forward a day and multiple conversations and online research later…come to find out lots and lots of women go through a very big hormonal body change when they stop breastfeeding and when they begin their period. I was lucky enough to land in that sweet spot of bodily insanity.(tmi? Well you are reading a mommy blog) After getting some alone time (which I’m learning I HAVE to have to function), time with Jesus, talking with sweet friends who have been through the exact same thing, and getting on some raw vitamins, I quickly started doing much much better. It’s amazing that even 10 months later, there can be versions of ‘baby blues’ as your body is sorting itself out. I am quickly learning to give myself more grace and not be mad at myself if I don’t feel 100% happy-go-lucky super mom/wife all the time. My body is still adjusting to this new version of itself.
  • Weight/Body Check-In: After 10 months, I’m excited to say I have hit my weight goal of 115. To many, that number probably sounds very small, but for my body frame and build…it is just right. I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time and just more like ‘me’. Along these lines, I’ve had to cut out all dairy from my diet as I’ve developed an intolerance (yet another change since having a baby) and that has really changed how I’ve been eating. Lately I’ve been really trying to eat more raw and green and feed my body nourishing lovely organic things. As my body levels out, I just want to limit processed foods and chemicals and give myself every chance to be healthy and functioning for my family.
  • Misc: Time is just a stinker. 10 months! Only 2 more of these posts until I have a 1 year old. Insanity! But I wouldn’t change it for anything! Watching my daughter grow is one of the biggest privileges of my life!

IMG_7530 IMG_7531