Motherhood Moments: Month 9

by starleewhite

I’m writing this post nestled between a dozing dog, unpacked boxes, strewn about toys, and garage sale piles…but I’m totally ok with that b/c…we have officially been in our new house for 3 weeks!! Slowly but surely everything is starting to come together and this space is becoming ours.
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Flora Updates:

  • Eating: For over 2 months leading up to our move I had been sick off and on with multiple bacterial and viral infections. After 2 rounds of antibiotics my doctor finally put me on some serious stuff to knock out my sickness. I was so excited to be at a functioning more healthy level, this came at a cost however. The meds I had to take were not safe for my sweet baby. So, even though neither of us were ready, I had to stop nursing Flora and transition her to formula. I was a complete wreck about this and felt so much guilt since my goal was to nurse for her first full year. But ultimately having a healthy momma was in all of our best interest. Thankfully, Flora is and always has been a complete ROCK STAR when it comes to eating. She takes any bottle, no problem, and hasn’t had a problem at all with formula. Praise God! I’m pretty sure she is finally ‘full’ and that my milk supply had gone down a lot due to stress, sickness, travel, etc. So all in all, even though it wasn’t my ideal, we are both better off. God’s provision was good.
  • Sleeping: I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well Flora transitioned to sleeping in the new house. She continues to wake up once a night to eat, and she takes her solid 2 naps a day. We’ve got a nice routine down, I am, however, ready for her to sleep through the night!
  • Development: SO much has happened in the last month! We now have a crawler! She doesn’t use her knees every time, but she pulls herself around with her arms and pushes with her feet. She is particularly motivated by shoes and purses….ALL girl. 😉
    Her ability to pick up small pieces of food (or specks of dirt on the floor) has increased and she really enjoys feeding herself. Every time she sees another kid she lights up! It’s incredible to me how she can spot a child vs and adult in an instant. She is just drawn to other kids.
    She is super close to pulling herself up and continues to love to walk with our support.
    At her 9 month appointment she weighs 17 pounds.
  • Fav & Least Fav Things: Flora really loves to play these days. I set up all her favorite toys in the nursery and we sit and play together. She particularly loves to hit 2 toys together or make drum sounds on things with a spoon. We joke that she may be our little percussionist! She dislikes being tired. When she hits her wall it’s time for a nap!

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Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: This last month I have so enjoyed watching Flora’s personality blossom. She has become so interactive and curious. The world is her’s to discover and it’s an honor to be her tour guide!
    I was also able to go to Nashville with my mom and the baby to attend a wedding. I got to see several people who always life my spirits and fill my cup!
  • Learning Moments: Moving with a baby is no joke. Trying to organize a house with a baby is no joke. My biggest learning moment has been…utilize nap time! I jokingly text Daniel yesterday and told him that when Flora naps, I am a MACHINE! I can get SO much done. It makes me wonder, what did I do with all my time before having a kid? Lol.
  • Hard Moments: When you go through a challenging season it’s very refining and you see after the fire, what’s left. What is the real you. Did you handle your challenge with grace and press into God? Or did you let the world rule? As life finally calms down after this stormy spring (figurative and actual), I’ve been reflecting on how I handled this stress and I can’t say I’m all that proud. It was a mixed bag of success and failure. That’s just a hard pill to swallow b/c I see how far I am from where I long to be. Yet, in another way I suppose I could view it as sweet b/c it means that I get to take God’s hand and let Him lead me closer…even if it’s a bit painful on the way.
  • Weight/Body Check-in: My latest weigh-in is 118. That is 2 pounds lower than my pre-baby weight. It’s crazy to me to think that from September to now I’ve lost 42 pounds. When I think about what my body has been through and done in less than 1 year, I am proud. My body has done an incredible feat. It’s a bit worn out from the process and a little bit rearranged, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now…finding a summer swim suit has been a bit challenging…haha.
  • Misc: Props. Mad props. Mad props to all the woman who have gone before me that have gracefully handled moving, being sick, taking care of a baby, traveling, investing in a marriage, and being a good friend all at the same time. It’s a lot to juggle and let me say…I am not the world’s best juggler. I truly do admire the woman around me that journey through seasons of hardship or stress and rise above to have joy. I learn so much from you. I need you in my life.

And to this sweet sweet nugget of a daughter of mine, gosh how I love you. I put you to bed and I miss you. I wake up thinking about you. My adorable little 9 month adventurer. ❤

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