All About Ironing

by starleewhite

As the years go by my passions become more clear to me. One of these passions is sewing. I have discovered I am by nature a textiles person; the feel, the structure, the construction, the weave…it all intrigues me. One of my aspirations is to become a better seamstress and develop this skill. One of the biggest tools in sewing is an iron.

Since becoming a wife the use of my iron and ironing board has escalated to the point that I am now on ironing board 2, and iron….4 maybe (I blew through several of those Target $12.99 ones real fast)? It became clear to me that I need to invest in more quality pieces that will withstand such frequent use. With Daniel having a more corporate job, he wears collared shirts everyday and thus I iron much more of his clothing than before. I also have dryer-phobia b/c of seeing one-to-many of my favorite items ruined in that heat death trap. This leads to air-dried clothing which are very wrinkly and need a good pressing. And lastly, with my love of sewing, I frequently need my iron at hand to help create seams, etc.

So for my birthday this year I asked for 2 things, The Horse watch, which my AmAzInG sister got for me, and a new iron. My sweet sweet mother bought me the Panasonic 360 Quick Multidirectional Steam/Dry Iron. After a little over a month of use I can officially say…I’m in LOVE.

panasonic 360 iron

This iron costs almost $100 if you don’t use a coupon, so it IS an investment, but one that I believe is worth it. My favorite feature is how well the steam functions. When I iron I rely heavily on steam to help release wrinkles and the Panasonic produces just the right amount. It has a clear dial to instruct you on the proper heat for the type of fabric you are using. And, I think the most unique feature is its almost curved diamond shape. This allows for ‘mulit-directional’ use and I’ve noticed my ironing just goes a lot faster! I love how it heats up quickly and has an auto-shut off, just in case I forget to unplug.

By now you might be thinking, ‘Wow. What a nerd.’ But if you ever find yourself in the phase/stage of life where ironing becomes a drag, it may be b/c you don’t have the right tools!

Lastly, I want to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned along the ironing way:

  1. To preserve the life of your ironing board, line it with tin foil. My previous ironing board started to rust and fall a part b/c I didn’t do this. All that moisture and heat can really do some damage and eventually it will start to get on your clothing.
  2. Use ONLY distilled water in your iron. I didn’t do this until recently and I’m learning it makes a big difference. You will lengthen the life of your iron greatly as well as prevent build up from transferring from your iron to your clothing.
  3. Find a place in your home where your ironing board and iron can ‘live’. I remember growing up hearing that oh-so-familiar sound of the ironing board being propped up. I think that was half the battle, just getting it out. I find it so much more enjoyable/doable when it’s already set up. So if you can, have a little ironing station.
  4. Mind your heat settings. I sadly ruined a pretty little silk number last year b/c my iron was far too hot. More delicate materials need lower heat.

Thanks for letting me geek out a bit. Ironing weirdly relieves my stress and makes the OCD side of me happy. Wrinkles to wrinkle free!

Here is a pic of my gorgeous watch!

the horse watch