How to Style a ‘Messy Lob’

by starleewhite

Ever since little miss started grabbing/reaching for EVERYTHING, I decided a haircut was in order! (I know I know…the post-baby haircut…) After some Pinterest searching, I decided to chop my hair into a ‘lob’ (long bob) and I absolutely love it. It still feels mature but is much more practical for my mom-on-the-go lifestyle.
Recently a few of my Instagram followers asked how I style my hair like this so I thought I’d share!

For supplies you will need:

  • a skinny straightener
  • hair clips
  • fine tooth comb
  • hair wax
  • hairspraystyling-a-messy-lob-how-to-style-lob-clear-the-shoulders-flat-iron-waves-dearly-noted-lifestyle-style-blog-1

Step 1: Wash as usual then add a texturizing spray or foam mouse then air dry or blow dry.
Step 2: Using hair clips, part your hair into 3 sections from bottom to top.
Step 3: Using a skinny flat iron and starting with the bottom-most layer curl small/medium sections of hair away from your face. I like to start on one side working toward the back center of my head, then repeat on the opposite side.
Step 4: Let down the middle section and repeat step 3 EXCEPT this time curl the sections toward your face. Repeat again for the top section working away from your face. This pattern breaks up the curls/waves so they don’t all clump together.
Step 5: Allow hair to completely cool (very important) then run fingers through curls to separate them. I sometimes flip my hair upside down a few times as well.
Step 6: Using a fine tooth comb, backcomb at the crown and top sections to add volume and a hint of messiness.
Step 7: And finally, add product. I start with a small amount of wax which I rub in between my fingers then rub into my scalp at the roots near the top half of my head. I think the wax is key for attaining and keeping volume throughout the day. I then finish with a light coat of hair spray, lifting my hair at the roots as I spray.


There you have it! A messy lob. I love this look b/c it doesn’t have to be perfect and all-in-all it takes about 10 minutes!

Happy hairstyling! ;D