Motherhood Moments: Month 6

by starleewhite

Today Flora Lee is 6 months old, tomorrow I’m sure she will be 16 years. The days are busy and full, but I try to pause at least once each day to just stare at this little creature. I try to soak in her nuances. The blueness of her eyes, the way her toes curl, how she never fails to smile when I greet her in the morning. These are the things I don’t want to forget.

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Flora Updates:

  • Eating: This last month we have started introducing more solids and Flora LOVES it. She has now tried bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, and green beans. All of these I have made at home either mashing them with a fork or steaming then throwing in the Magic Bullet (that thing really is magical). The freezer is now full of little ‘meals’ ready for her! Around dinner time, usually after Daniel and I have eaten, we place Flora in her Bumbo, put a bib on her, and feed her several tablespoons of whatever is on the menu that night. I have to hold her hands down with one of my hands or else she starts to suck her thumb while eating. After a few times of that, it had to stop! So messy and frustrating! Haha. Her fav foods thus far are def sweet potatoes and carrots. I’m sensing an orange theme here.
    TMI, but this change from only breast milk to adding some solids has definitely changed the consistency and smell of her poo! Who knew!?
  • Sleeping: Our new record is 12 hours. 12 HOURS!! Praise to the Lord God Almighty! Remember just a few months ago when it was like 4 hours? How quickly they change!
    I try to get lil miss down for 2 naps a day but she is honestly an awful napper. Usually by the late afternoon she has worn herself out and I finally get her down (after a struggle and lots of fussiness). When she naps, she sleeps SO much better at night. I have transitioned her out of the Moses basket so she is now just in the crib.
    We are heading to England & Scotland this next month and I’m a little anxious about this time change messing with her already inconsistent sleep sched!
  • Development: Wowza this girl is a-changin! She now can easily roll over from back to front and vice-versa. I often find her in the complete opposite position I laid her down in. She reaches for EVERYTHING and you really have to watch out! She has started to do some planking type motions when she is on her belly and I can tell she really wants to move but just can’t quite figure it out yet. Lately her toes are constantly in her mouth…just another thing to chew on!
    No teeth yet! I really thought she would have some b/c we could see one under her gum, but it’s just chillin there still!
    Flora has become very aware of my presence, or lack-thereof. It’s amazing how even if I turn around she knows I’m not engaging with her. She really loves to be held and looked at/engaged with. I like to think she is emotionally in-tune and will be well adjusted. 😉 This is, however, very exhausting for momma sometimes.
  • Fav & Least Fav Things: Besides me, I believe her new favorite discovery has been mushed carrots. Daniel thought I had added something ‘special’ to them b/c she went crazy over them! Her least fav things…going down for naps/bed. Sigh. She doesn’t like the part where she’s not being held anymore. Who can blame her?


Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: Seeing my daughter grow and change and advance is so amazing. It also makes me feel like a real parent. I’m actually doing this. She is 6 months old and still alive and hitting milestones. Yay! Maybe I’m doing it kind-of right. Maybe? Some days. 🙂
  • Learning Moments: This week in particular, Daniel has watched the babe several nights when I had things going on. This has been so good for me (needed a break), but also hard. I have to trust that he will take care of her even if it’s slightly different from how I would do it (control freak here) and I have to let myself be…well…me. Yes, I will forever now be a momma of this precious girl. But I am also still me. A friend, a creative, a lover of margaritas. Getting out shouldn’t make me feel guilty and those are feelings I have to fight. I am oh-SO grateful that I am not in this alone and that I have a partner who can love and nurture this little one and help me keep my sanity by giving me these much-needed breaks!
  • Hard Moments: Can I just say it? Working from home with a 6 month old…sucks. My attention is divided at all times. If I keep my focus on work for 10 minutes and ignore her fussing, I’m a bad mom. If I attend to her every time she has a little need, I’m a bad employee. I keep waiting to find the balance or hoping she will move into a new phase that will make this easier.
  • Weight/Body Check-In: No difference really. Still a few pounds to go. Slightly dreading trying to find a flattering swimsuit.
  • Misc: We are house hunting and on the verge of getting a house. It’s a fixer-upper flip situation. Honestly I’m already fighting anxiety about this. I keep taking it to the Lord in prayer. He keeps reminding me that no matter if I’m in my perfect early 1900’s, all hardwood floors, updated, somehow spacious, in the perfect part of the city, laundry on the main floor, dream home…this earth is still not my home. Anything here is temporary so I need to LET GO. My dream home is heaven. So stop getting hung up.

A few additional random things:

Next month on Flora’s 7 month bday, we will be in England. So the post will either be early or late (probably late). But it will include how traveling Europe with  6 month old went! I will provide tips, tricks, and don’ts! 😉

2 very close friends are about to pop with their babies this week. I CANNOT wait!

Praise God for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). If you haven’t heard of it, please look it up. It’s essentially free childcare and learning and growing in relationship with God. This is such a lifeline for me. I thought studying Moses was going to be a bit dull. But God is totally teaching me through these crazy books like, Numbers. Moses had an insane job to do with grumbly people in a desert. And he was FAITHFUL. Perfect, no. Humble and obedient, yes. The resounding message I am learning lately:

Trust and obey.

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