10 Home Trends I Love

by starleewhite

Daniel and I are on what I’m calling ‘The Neverending Househunt’. In reality we’ve been searching for a home for about 6 months, but it feels like FOOOREVA. In the long grueling 6 months, I’ve been doing a LOT of pinning to get inspo for our new home that is yet to be. Looking back through my pins I’m seeing several home trends I’m loving and thought I would share! (Note, all images come from my Pinterest page)

1. Friendly Porches
friendly porch
I want the first impression someone has of my home to reflect me! And I hope that is friendly and inviting.

2. Fun Entryways
fun entryway
My current entry area is messy and random. I hope to clean it up and create functional and beautiful storage.

3. Loads of Natural Light
loads of natural light
Even in the most dreary winter days, opening the blinds instantly lifts my spirits. Bring on the sunshine!

4. Gray and White walls
gray and white walls
Gray and white create the perfect backdrop. I think it keeps things simple and points to the art on the wall or the furniture in the room.

5. Elements of Copper
elements of copper
Copper has this warm essence to it. I love the idea of having a copper tea pot or plant holder to bring a little warmth to a room.

6. Plant Life
plant life
Whenever I go into a home with plants, it just makes me smile. I’m really trying to work on making this thumb a bit greener. 😉

7. Natural Elements
natural elements
I’m a SUCKER for wood floors, cow hide rugs, sheepskins, antlers, etc. Anything that was once found in nature.

8. Mid Century Clean Lines
mid century clean lines
Mid-century furniture is never overstuffed or overstated. It’s like art you can sit on. Love it.

9. New Meets Old
old meets new
As a long-time DIYer, repurposing something and giving it new life is just the way my mind works. Can’t wait to do more of this.

10. Subway Tile Galore
subway tile galore
Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, simple white subway tile is classic and timeless.

As I’ve gotten older, I’d like to think my taste has become a little more focused and refined. I’m drawn to more simplicity, less clutter, and more meaning. I cannot wait to make our future house our home. For now I will keep pinning and dreaming! Blessings!