3 Keys to a Quick Morning Routine

by starleewhite

The other day at Bible study a girl in my group made a comment that struck me. She has 4 kids, lives over an hour away, and faithfully comes to Bible study in Wichita each week (wonder woman, right!?). She told me that this is the reason she doesn’t look like ‘this‘ (pointing at me) ever.


In my head I just laughed b/c my morning routine is so fast and easy (granted, I don’t have 4 kids)! So I thought I’d share my 3 main tips for getting out the door quickly but while still feeling somewhat pulled together:

1. Take Your Bath/Shower at Night

Taking your bath or shower at night allows for more time in the morning to sleep or maybe just apply some mascara. It also feels great to wash off the day and slip into bed completely clean. I take a bath after Flora goes down, that way I don’t have to be in a rush. It allows for a little ‘me’ time and also helps me fall asleep.  (side note, if you can work your way to only having to wash your hair 1x/week, that also helps…and it’s good for your hair!)

2. Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

This sounds so obvious, but it’s HUGE. Knowing what I’m wearing from head to toe (yes, shoes too), saves me lots of time and frustration in the morning, where suddenly NOTHING feels comfortable. If you do find yourself in that situation though, my advice is, stick with the basics. Grab your tried and true skinnies, your favorite simple v-neck, a cardigan, and your chucks. Bam.
Now that I have a little one, I also like to lay out her outfit as well. It doesn’t always happen, but it is that little time saver.

3. Develop a Quick Hair &  Makeup Routine

My hair and makeup take me about 10-15 minutes depending on if I style my hair. With not washing my hair everyday, there is usually some styling left from the previous day and I can just touch it up or put it in a bun. With a flattering haircut and some great makeup staples, you can get a ‘finished’ look pretty quickly! My recommendation is to at least leave the house with some mascara + powder on.


Those are my tips! What helps your morning routine go more smooth? I’d love to know!