Motherhood Moments: Month 5

by starleewhite

Another month has passed. Documenting like this sure shows me how quickly a month seems to go by! My little sidekick is 5 months old now and oh-so curious!IMG_3765


Flora Updates:

  • Eating: We are still doing great with nursing but I started to notice Flora seemed very interested in what Daniel and I were eating. She would even reach out for it and watch us put things in our mouth. So, within the last few days we have started to introduce ‘solids’ and it’s pretty funny. She has no idea how to swallow but she really loves the taste of mushed banana. I have a feeling life is about to get much messier b/c she gets food all over her face and hands. We are starting out slowly
  • Sleeping: I’ve been working on scheduling Flora more in the last few weeks as far as sleep goes. We’ve started to get her up around 8am (or she just naturally wakes around that time), then she plays for about 2 hours, then I feed her and put her down at about 10am. She will sleep for about 1-1.5 hours. This is huge b/c before she would only sleep for about 15 minutes 2x a day. Then at night she was getting SUPER fussy, we think from being over tired. I feel like a bad mamma b/c I should have realized she needed more nap time. Learning a lot here.
    But now, with a solid morning and afternoon nap, Flora will sleep from 9:30 pm-6:30am. It’s fabulous! We are still getting it all down, but it’s amazing how the more naps she gets, the better she sleeps at night. Hoorah!
    We also transitioned her up into the nursery several weeks ago. She has done really well and of course I stalk her on the video monitor a lot. We put her moses basket in her crib so she still feels like it’s a familiar environment. She is about to outgrow that, however, so it’s about to be crib city!
  • Development: We haven’t been to the doctor this month so I’m not sure of her exact growth, but the girl seems longer and longer every day!
    She has started grabbing her toes which is so fun and is even sitting up pretty well unsupported. I still have to be right there b/c randomly she will just plop to the side.
    I’ve noticed that she is loving to look up more and more which is something new. While in her exercauser, she will look up to find me or Daniel. Also, while I’m holding her in my lap she will occasionally lean her head back to look at me. It’s a sweet little moment. 🙂
    She has really started to grab and manipulate things with her hand much better. She brings EVERYTHING to her mouth and is pretty much a drooling fool! The amber necklace we got her has helped with that quite a bit.
    Her tooth has not popped through yet, we can still see it under the surface trying to work its way up!
  • Fav & Least Fav things: Flora’s favorite thing lately is just being held by mommy. And it HAS to be mommy. It’s truly incredible how instantly she knows if it’s me holding her or someone else. I do love holding her so so much and if that’s all I had to do all day, it’d be great. But that’s not reality, so we have several spouts of tears throughout the day when that’s just not possible.
    This last month we took Flora to a basketball game (go WSU Shockers!) and let’s just say she did NOT love it. I didn’t even think about it being so loud (shows you how many games I go to) and she would get super upset when the crowd suddenly burst into shouts and claps. Whoopsie!

IMG_3761  IMG_3774

Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: I’m going to be honest and say that this last month was just a blur. I started to work an extra day from home so now I’m doing one in office and 8 hours from home. This has really added a lot more to my plate then I thought. So I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with her head cut off.
    I guess one little ‘victory’ was that we have put her in the nursery at church and at BSF, and I’ve only been called to come get her one time. Hoorah!
    And I did get to go to the spa and finally use my Christmas gift to get a facial. I spend several hours alone and it was GLORIOUS.
  • Learning Moments: Transitioning her to take more naps has been a big learning moment for me. I think I was a bit ‘anti schedule’ there for a while but I’m seeing that’s not what’s best for her development. Motherhood is hard and humbling and beautiful.
  • Hard Moments: Literally tearing up as I’m writing this. For some reason I’ve just fought a lot of anxiety this last month. My house is a wreck, I haven’t been to the gym, I feel like I’ve let several people down, I’m struggling for creativity, we are trying to search for and buy a house, I’ve increased my work load… and it’s all just starting to add up. Not really sure what the answer is except I need time with my Savior who provides peace and strength.
  • Weight/Body Check In: If you didn’t read my last post, I had a bit of a break down about my new post-baby body this month. My actual weight is good (could still work on the last few pounds), but everything just fits differently and my tummy is pouchy. It’s so dumb to even fret over this, but I love wearing high-waisted things and I own a lot of skirts and pants that are that way. But I can’t wear any of them. I’m tempted to get rid of them all, but Daniel tells me I shouldn’t. I need to be patient and wait. Classic Daniel. Love him for that.
  • Misc: You know those times where you have to preach joy to yourself b/c, well, it’s just not there? This is one of those times. This sweet face sure does help.