Dealing with a Postpartum Body

by starleewhite

Tonight was one of THOSE nights. The kind where your emotions beat out your mind.

Your mind is saying:

‘Hey! You just had a baby 4 months ago. Your body did an amazing feat! You freaking grew a human in your belly. That little miracle you carried is your dream come true! You have absolutely no reason to fret or dismay. You weren’t a supermodel before, so why are you worrying?! Give yourself some GRACE.’

But your emotions are saying:

‘Yeeeeah. You have NOTHING in your closet to wear to work tomorrow. Literally everything you are trying on looks…weird. How are you only 2 pounds from your pre-pregnancy weight? Your butt has shrunk back up to being even more non-existent than before, but that belly. Are you sure you aren’t still pregnant? Don’t even think about reaching for that high-waisted skirt. Get to the gym, girl!’

Y’all. the struggle is real. After a crying breakdown laying in the midst of all the clothing I tore off in anger b/c they don’t fit and after a long hot bath while drinking wine, I’m able to breath and think a bit more rationally.

How do I deal with this postpartum body?

  1. First of all, I know I need to praise my heavenly Father. I was blessed to be able to conceive a child. A beautiful healthy girl who has the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. And I get to stay home with her and make her smile and change her ooey gooey poopy diapers.
  2. Secondly, I need to make a plan. What are realistic steps I can take to work toward being more healthy and maybe loosing a few more pounds? I can cut out Dr. Pepper (sigh…), keep more fruit in my house to curb my sweet tooth, and plan for at least 2 visits to the gym this week. That doesn’t sound too bad.
  3. I can take a few minutes to put together a few outfits that I feel flatter my body, so when the morning comes I’m not distraught about having nothing to wear.
  4. I can go buy a pair of stinking dress pants that fit my body now, instead of waiting for the day I can squeeze into my old ones.
  5. Remember: I’m nursing. That uses a crazy amount of calories, and again, I’m still growing a human being! Just outside of the body now. So no need to cut my portions too small.
  6. Accept and embrace that my body may never be that size 0 again. This size 6 body may be the new me, and I just need to be ok with that. Hey…at least now I have boobs, right?

Has anyone else dealt with this issue? How did you work through it? I’d love advice/words of encouragement!