Motherhood Moments: Month 4

by starleewhite

‘How do we make these moments last? And how do we get them to stay, when everything passes and time goes away?’  -Rosie Thomas

IMG_3531As you can see from the pictures, Flora is changing so quickly. Part of me wants to freeze time…where has my newborn gone?! But most of me is just soaking in each new day and how quickly she is learning.


Flora Updates:

  • Eating: I’m starting to feel a bit more human again b/c Flora can now go several hours in between feedings which means we can actually get a few errands done or clean up the house a bit. She has been eating more, up to about 4oz a feeding. This means I have been extra thirsty and even more hungry! Sometimes I feel like I’m eating as much as when I was pregnant!
  • Sleeping: Yay for progress! Since last month Flora now goes from sleeping from 9:30 pm-2 am to 9:30 pm-6 am. We don’t follow any strict ritual, but I do try to swaddle her, feed her, and put on her noise machine each night. This seems to do the trick!
  • Development: Flora (as of today) weighs 12 lbs 14 oz (21st percentile, is 24.5 inches long (57th percentile), and her head circumference is 41.3 cm (69th percentile). So basically she is long, lean, and has a big head. Haha. 😉
    We just started putting her in size 2 diapers this week as well as 3-6 month clothing! In the last several weeks I feel like she has changed SO much. Her thighs have really started filling out, she has gained a lot of strength in her legs and loves to stand, and she also reaches out to grab things now and sometimes brings them to her mouth.
    Her other big thing is she has started getting her 1st tooth! I had no idea this could start as early as 3 months…which means teething has started as well. Flora drools constantly and has been fussy b/c of the pain of her tooth coming in. We have utilized baby Tylenol and have ordered an amber necklace. Pretty much whatever helps I’m willing to try b/c she can get pretty miserable. :.(
    Flora also likes to sit up more now than be laid on her back. She has to have support so her exer-saucer and bumpo have been used quite a bit lately!
  • Fav & Least Fav things: This month Flora has discovered splashing! It is so fun during bath time b/c she will just kick her legs and arms and by the end we are both soaking wet. She smiles and loves it. I think she enjoys baths just like her mommy. Her least fav thing…being CONSTIPATED. Lol. Flora will go a full week sometimes without pooping. While this is nice for me (no blowout diapers), by the end she is so crabby. I would be too! Then when she finally does go, it’s BAD. I will spare you the very gruesome details. Everything I’ve read and our doctor confirmed this is very normal for breastfed babies, it’s just got to feel a little uncomfortable for her I imagine!


Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: Flora had her first Christmas this last month which was so fun. We spent lots of time with our immediate families which meant Flora was spoiled with lots of love and attention. She received THE most incredible handmade ‘busy’ book from her aunt Aimee which blew me out of the water. I loved having our first Christmas as a family of 3. We are starting to think of what traditions we want to establish and carry on with our kids. This year we had cherry turnovers Christmas morning. Yum!
  • Learning Moments: This month I learned…don’t trim your daughters nails, then put her into her carseat, then drop her off at the YMCA Kidzone. Lol. I had accidentally clipped the skin on her thumb and when I came to pick her up after my workout…her WHITE sweater onsie was covered in dried blood! The ladies were asking me what that was and I had to tell them…,’Oh I just cut my daughter and she’s bleeding everywhere. No bigs’. Lol. They were understanding but I felt SO bad! It looked like a murder scene!
  • Hard Moments: The hardest thing lately has been house hunting. It seems like every second were are talking about it, researching, going to look at a house, or putting a bid together. We have been denied several times (HUD homes) and I’m just ready to be done! Buying a house is obviously a huge decision and I want to be wise about it, but sometimes I just get to the point where I feel like we could live in a shoebox! As long as we don’t have to keep looking anymore!
    I’m also still dealing with sorting out insurance/bills from her birth. FINALLY I feel like I’m made a little headway though. PTL!!
  • Weight/Body Check In: Y’ALL!! I am 2 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. TWO POUNDS! Last month I thought maybe I’d never loose the last 5-10 pounds but the end is in site! I’ve been going to the gym several times a week, but honestly I think it’s just breastfeeding. As she gains, I loose. It’s like magic. My tummy is still a little poochy, but my bum and thighs have shrunk back down. I can tell by the way my jeans fit now. My body shape is definitely different than before, the weight is dispersed differently. But hey, it’s my ‘mommy’ body and I am ok with that!
  • Misc: They say that children grow up in the blink of an eye, and I can see why. Flora is reaching so many milestones and becoming her own little being. It’s such a miracle and I’m loving each moment. The Lord has been so good to me.