Sister Style

by starleewhite

Having my sister home for Christmas was such a blast. She recently moved to Denver so our time together is fewer and farther between. I’m so proud of her for SO many reasons and I also think she is one of the most gorgeous people I know.


I love how Breea layered this cute sweater over a dress I recently got rid of (now I’m kind of kicking myself…b/c it TOTALLY looks cute how she styled it!). There’s that creative mind of hers!
Somehow she always looks classy and trendy.

2-sister-style-dearly-noted-blog-sweater-layered-with-dress-leggings-booties-red-leather-purse-pixie-hair-cut 3-sister-style-dearly-noted-blog-sweater-layered-with-dress-leggings-booties-red-leather-purse-pixie-hair-cut 4-sister-style-dearly-noted-blog-sweater-layered-with-dress-leggings-booties-red-leather-purse-pixie-hair-cut 5-sister-style-dearly-noted-blog-sweater-layered-with-dress-leggings-booties-red-leather-purse-pixie-hair-cut

My outfit features a sweater Daniel literally got rid of the morning these pics were taken. I just threw it on last minute. I guess all of our outfits consisted of pieces we’d passed around! I’m also really into wearing my husbands clothing lately. Maybe it’s the comfy mommy/boyfriend fit I’m into right now. 😉

6-sister-style-dearly-noted-blog-mens-sweater-denim-shirt-skinny-jeans-leopard-print-loafers-bonlook-glasses 7-sister-style-dearly-noted-blog-mens-sweater-denim-shirt-skinny-jeans-leopard-print-loafers-bonlook-glasses

This is the face I make when my sister is around. Yay for sisters!
The end!