Motherhood Moments: Month 3

by starleewhite


It’s that time again, another month gone by! My sweets is 3 months old now! Almost 13 weeks to be exact. Daniel and I fall more in love with her each day as she changes and grows. Flora is such an easy baby and my constant little side kick (all except for Monday’s when I work! Then she’s grandma’s sidekick!).


Flora Updates:

  • Eating : No changes with Flora being an awesome nurser, praise the Lord. During month 3 I got very sick and my milk supply went down for a few weeks which was unfortunate. But thankfully everything normalized.
    I feel like nursing in public is getting easier and easier. It’s funny how every outfit choice/purchase now revolves around me thinking, ‘On a scale of 1-10, how easy will it be to feed Flora in this outfit in public?’. It’s also funny how little I seem to care about the prospect of me accidentally flashing someone. I guess I just think, ‘Hey, I need to feed my child. This is one of the most natural and beautiful things God designed and if a small piece of skin shows…oh well!’
  • Sleeping : Flora has been sleeping about the same, not too much progress. We usually put her down at about 9:30 and she wakes anywhere from 2:30-5 o’clock to eat, then goes back down for several more hours.
    We’ve transitioned Flora to sleeping into a fleece Halo sleeper, still with her arms tucked in. I think it helps her know it’s time to go to bed. We also use a Sleep Sheep noise machine
  • Development: At Flora’s 2 month appointment she weighed 10lbs 9oz (25th percentile), was 22.5 inches long (46th percentile), and her head circumference was 39cm (53th percentile). Lots of people comment on how small she is, but she seems to be growing everyday! Her cheeks are really starting to fill out. We have her 3 month appointment this week! I always look forward to seeing how she has grown!
    Flora is still in 3 month onsies and can now fit into her 3 month pants. We tried out cloth diapers this month which was an adventure. The brand we have didn’t work well for Flora, they totally soaked through the diaper and got us both wet every time she peed! I was changing her constantly and doing loads and loads of laundry. I still haven’t decided if we are going to try out other kinds or just stick with disposable. Cloth diapers are SO expensive and you have the cost of washing them. But the cost of disposables over time will be a lot too. Bah. We will see!
    She has continued to smile a lot and I THINK we are on the verge of maybe laughing soon! I’m dying to hear what her laugh will sound like! She also loves to talk and is really discovering the different types of sounds she can make. It’s fun to hear her experiment with her own voice!
    There have been a few times that Flora has rolled to her side and once or twice fully onto her belly. It’s not a regular thing just yet…but soon! I did finally get her a play mat so I think it will speed up the process!
  • Fav and least fav things: Lately Flora really loves to be held or to be on her back on our bed with us talking to her. Generally if we are giving her our full attention…she’s happy.
    Her least fav thing by FAR as of late is being in the car seat. She really doesn’t like it! I think it ‘s b/c it means she isn’t being held and she faces away from us in the car. So sad! Haha. It’s hard to keep driving when she is crying!

flora 3 month gif

Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: This last month I have really enjoyed hearing Flora make so many new sounds. It was also fun to take her to Thanksgiving and meet many more of my family members. She has so many amazing people in her life that I know are going to encourage her and help her grow into a woman of faith!
  • Learning Moments: So, there was a lot of learning moments this month, but a big one was about dealing with medical bills and insurance. It’s all such a mess! We’ve started receiving all of the medical bills from Flora’s birth and we have to double and triple check each one. There have already been mistakes we caught. I’ll admit I’ve become very upset and impatient when dealing with it all. I need to work on this. It’s very frustrating.
  • Unexpected Moments: Another unexpected and learning moment this month was getting sick. I had a stomach bug for several days and could hardly get out of bed! Daniel and my mom had to take care of me and the baby. This was very hard! It’s no fun being sick and even less fun when you have an infant to care for! Thankfully she didn’t catch anything. I think the breast milk helps with that! Antibodies!
  • Hard Moments: The combination of getting sick and dealing with insurance have been tough but that’s about it! I have so many reasons to rejoice!
    Weight/Body Check-In: Unfortunately I’m still at 130. Sigh. I think that these last 10/15 pounds will be the hard ones to loose. BUT I’m actually able to fit into several of my pre-pregnancy jeans! That feels good. AND I’ve been going to the YMCA quite a bit. They have a great daycare system and so many good machines to work out on. I’ve really enjoyed doing the elliptical and just having a few minutes to ‘myself’ to do something healthy and out of the house.
  • Misc: This girl brings me oodles of joy. I feel like she has also brought Daniel and me closer together. She is just such a miracle! When I look at her tears come to my eyes. I keep wondering when that’s going to stop…but it definitely hasn’t!
    This month Daniel and I both helped out with our church moving to a new building and today was our first service at the new location! It was so awesome and we both left feeling uplifted and encouraged. We are grateful to have found a place where we can both worship, grow, serve, and where Flora will be taught the gospel!


My happy girl!! ❤ ❤ ❤