Motherhood Moments: Month 2

by starleewhite

Somehow this little treasure was 2 months old on Monday! In some ways time is going fast, but in others, it seems just right. We are busy but there is lots of cuddling still involved and I really try to soak in all her little changes each day.


These baby blues just kill me!



Flora Updates:

  • Eating : Flora continues to be an excellent eater! It’s such a blessing that breastfeeding hasn’t been a hurdle whatsoever. Each morning I pump several ounces to have in the freezer for when my mother-in-law watches her on Mondays while I work. It’s also nice to have some stored in case I have a chance to go out with friends for a few hours.
    Generally Flora never spits up while nursing, but there has been a few times when she eats too fast and she looses her whole meal. And usually it happens at 3am and it somehow soaks through every article of clothing I am wearing. Haha.
  • Sleeping : Our new record is a solid 7 hours of sleep. That happened only 1 night and hasn’t occurred since. Usually she sleeps 5-6 hours then about 2 more hours after that. We continue to have her in our room but we have moved the moses basket from in the bed in between us to next to me on its rocker stand. This has worked well and I feel Daniel and I are both sleeping better.
    Daniel doesn’t get up in the night with the baby but honestly I don’t see why he would! If she is up she is hungry and only momma has got the goods to help with that problem! Haha.
  • Development: At Flora’s 1 month appointment she weighted 8lbs 14oz (she was 7lb 3oz at birth). We have her 2 month appointment next weeks so I will see how much she has grown! To me she seems to weigh much more and is getting LONG!
    She now wears 3 month onsies but is still in newborn pants. The 3 month pants are too wide in the waist and a bit too long.
    Flora is now starting to smile! It’s the best thing ever! She is also able to tell where I’m at in the room and will follow me with her head and eyes. She is starting to grab onto things more than before and push with her legs when they are up against something.
  • Fav and least fav things: Flora really loves to lay on her changing pad and look at herself or me in the mirror (she must sense how beautiful she is…lol). This is the location we get the most smiles and coos. Her least favorite thing is to be alone. If I’m running downstairs to change the laundry or just go in the kitchen to *attempt* to make myself breakfast, she looses it. Basically if I’m not in her line of sight, she gets upset. In this way she is like her daddy, doesn’t really need alone time. I on the other hand LOVE alone time, which, as you can guess, happens very frequently these days. Haha!

photo 2

(Here’s baby girl in her pretty smocked dress that her daddy & I found in Santa Fe at a vintage resale shop!)

photo 3

(And here is Flora all dressed up for Halloween! She was ‘Flora the Fancy Fox’! I found this cute little outfit online at H&M. It’s REALLY hard to find costumes for kiddos younger than 6 months!)

Momma Updates:

  • Best Moments: I think the best moment this last month was when she first started smiling! It’s the first sign of her little personality and the first time I truly felt like we were interacting. I think it was significant for Daniel too b/c I get to bond with her while she nurses and now I feel like he is starting to get a reaction out of her which is exciting!
  • Learning Moments: Thankfully going out and about has gotten easier and I feel like we have a better ‘system’ down. I’m getting more comfortable nursing in public (seriously, where did good-ol modest Star go? lol) and my arms are getting stronger. Baby+baby carrier+diaper bag=HEAVY!
    However I did learn something significant this 2nd month…BLOWOUTS! If they keep happening there are a few good things to consider:
    1. Pack extra baby clothes in the diaper bag. This should be a ‘duh!’, right? Well…I was left empty handed a few times and it was a MESS!
    2. Potentially this means you need to move up a diaper size. A few wiser women filled me in on this treasure of an idea and BAM. Blowouts are fewer and farther between!
    3. Change baby right after you hear her fill up a diaper. Maybe I’m a bad momma, but previoulsy I wouldn’t change her right away. Sometimes she would just have toots that didn’t leave anything in the diaper so I was changing it for nothing. Well, after a few public blowouts I revised my theory!
  • Unexpected Moments: I’m officially back to work 1 day a week at my uncle’s dental practice. I’m one blessed momma for only having to work 1 day a week and spend the rest with my daughter. But I figured I would be a MESS on Mondays, missing Flora SO much. While I do miss her, I’ve been surprised how good I feel getting out and about and working! My sweet mother-in-law watches her at my house and I think that is a huge part of it. I trust her completely to take care of Flora and I just don’t have to worry! It’s really nice to be able to be with adults and to make a little money to contribute to our family.
  • Hard Moments: Thankfully there haven’t been any huge break-down moments this month (hormones settling down? lol). But a few challenging things…
    Feeling like I don’t get very much ‘done’ in a day. It’s hard when Daniel asks me what I’ve done today and I can list maybe 2 things. With a baby that just loves to be with momma and isn’t mobile yet, it’s hard to do much!
    Feeling like my house is messy all the time. I like a very picked up organized home so this is something I’m trying to let go of. I can only do what I can do! Being with my baby and not letting these special moments slip by is more important!
  • Weight/Body Check-In: 2 months post-delivery my weight is 130. While that number still seems high to me, that is a whole 10 pounds lower than just a month ago! So I’m happy about that!
    I was cleared for exercise 2 weeks ago and I have gone to the YMCA a couple of times. I’ve done 2 yoga classes and some speed walking on the treadmill as well as trying to walk the dog regularly. I’m still taking things a bit slow b/c I can still feel soreness and pulling on my incision, but I feel SO much better this month physically wise.
    I also told myself that after 6 weeks I was really going to start watching what I eat better. This has gone OK. I’m drinking much less soda (my vice!) and trying to do more eggs, veggies, & fruit while not eating as much fast food. It’s hard to eat healthy with a newborn b/c honestly I just want something fast and easy so I don’t leave her crying in the next room while I prepare something. Thankfully Daniel is amazing and cooks us healthy dinners.
  • Misc: So much of me wants to be ‘super mom’ or ‘super woman’ and be able to do it all. It’s been humbling lately to know this is just not possible. I’m learning to prioritize my time and energy. This last month I’ve really tried to focus on getting my Bible study done each week and getting out of the house regularly. I also try to get ‘ready’ each day with makeup on and a semi-put together outfit. This helps me feel a little better about myself and more ready to tackle the day!
    I feel like spending time with the Lord every day (which doesn’t always happen) truly keeps my heart and mind in a better place. When I am focusing on Him I remember where my worth comes from. I easily fall into the compare-snare, so time with God has been crucial lately.
    Daniel and I have also been attending an orphan care Bible study at our church. Now that I have a little one I feel even more passionate about caring for and loving kids that are at risk. We are praying about what role this will have in our future.

There you have it! A somewhat summary of month 2 of mommyhood! I leave you with this PRECIOUS smile that I hope lights up your day! ❤

photo 4