Motherhood Moments: Month 1

by starleewhite

I’ve decided to start a new ‘series’ called Motherhood Moments where I can share updates on mommyhood or fun/funny events that occur as I learn to be a 1st time momma.

Here is my first Motherhood Moment…


This little nugget is 1 month old…ONE MONTH OLD! It’s crazy!


I’ll start with updates on Flora.

  • Eating Updates: She is a GREAT eater and has been from the moment she entered the world (sucking on her hand). I’m very thankful that our nursing relationship has been so easy and natural. A funny little idiosyncrasy, Flora likes to nurse vertically. My mom about died laughing the first time she saw it. But I have her legs straddle my thigh and prop her upright to feed. It’s so awesome this way because she burps as she eats and often has a bowel movement as well (everything’s aligned!). Ne pesky gas to pat out of her!
  • Sleeping Updates: We’ve started to establish a little bit of a routine where I have a ‘focal feeding’ at about 9-9:30pm. I try to fill her up as full as possible. I do this after changing her, putting her in her nighty, and lastly her swaddler. We like to say her prayers, sing her a little song, then put her down in the Moses basket which we still have in our bed sitting between us. Sometimes she doesn’t go down right away and we have to hold her a bit more. But once she is down she sleeps for a good 4 hours. Then I’m up feeding her every 2 hours after that. Sometimes if she’s fussy we give her the pacifier b/c I think she just wants to suck, and that will buy us more time to sleep! I feel pretty blessed b\c I know of mommies who are up much more!
  • Development Updates: Flora is over a pound over her birth weight and growing rapidly! We have her 1 month appointment this week so I will find out her exact growth. But I think she will be out of her newborn clothes in another few weeks (if not sooner!). I’ve noticed she is tracking better with her eyes everyday and has started to gain more control of her neck and her hands and legs.
  • Fav and least fav things: DEFINITELY nursing is her favorite past time. Being hungry is her LEAST fav. 🙂

photo (11)

Now updates from momma.

  • Best Moments: I’ve been wanting to be a momma for quite a while now, so to finally get to live out my dream is pretty great. I’ve enjoyed just looking at my baby, holding her, feeling her soft skin, getting to know her little quirks, bathing her, dressing her, and feeding her. She makes some crazy faces that are just hilarious and I’ve captured several of them on my Instagram. My favorite part of our days are the afternoon. We usually try to do something productive in the morning after getting ready (which is a feat in and of itself), but in the afternoon we rest. She and I lay together on the couch and cuddle while we watch Gilmore Girls or something else on Netflix until we fall asleep. Sometimes we are there a couple of hours, but I don’t even feel guilty. I’m still healing and I just need time with my Bug (unofficial nickname).
  • Learning Moments: There has been SO much learning that’s happened this month and life adjustment too. The first few days home were good but scary in some ways. I mean…I really have to take care of this thing! It’s ALL me now! But, thankfully she’s so easy, those days went well (feeding, sleeping, repeat). Next was trying to tackle taking her out! Since I couldn’t drive for a few weeks, I never took her out on my own for a while. So that went well b/c I had lots of help. But our first outing, just me and her, that we the really scary thing! I was unsure of where to nurse her when she got hungry. I looked foolish juggling the diaper bag, my purse, the carrier, the baby wrap, and the baby. I’m sure anyone staring at me could tell in a millisecond that I’m a new momma. I had to give myself grace. We’ve already gotten better at going out and I’m sure that will continue!
  • Unexpected Moments: 2 words…NIGHT SWEATS. Ya’ll, I never new this was a thing. Apparently when your body is trying to get rid of excess water weight you sweat…like a LOT. Also if you are nursing and not ovulating, you mimic symptoms of menopause. The first few nights home I would wake up totally drenched, my hair, pillow, and sheets soaked. How did I not know about this!? Thankfully the longer the month goes on, the less intense the night sweats are. I’m hoping it tapers off completely as my hormones balance.
  • Hard Moments: 2 situations come to mind. Firstly, we had a VERY full and exhausting day when we did her dedication. We were busy from sun up past sun down. With me still recovering from everything, trying to play host, trying to take care of a new baby, and being sleep deprived…I pretty much lost it by the end of that day. I was pushed/let myself be pushed too far. There were lots of tears involved and I had to realize my body wasn’t ready for that yet. I needed to get back in the ‘game’ slowly. The second situation that comes to mind…the DREADED question, ‘Are you pregnant?!’. I’ve been asked this twice this last month. Once while I was holding the baby and once without. Even though I tell myself I have a baby, the prize, the end goal…this question shouldn’t bother me! It still did/does. I’m ready for my body back and for things to fit.
  • Weight/Body Check-In: I’m a little scared to put this category on here. But I’m hoping it will help keep me motivated and also give me a chance to be ‘real’ about where I’m at with body issues. My pre-pregnancy weight was 120 which was about 5 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. My end pregnancy weight was 160, a number I NEVER thought I’d reach. One month post-baby, my weight is 140. This leaves me 20-25 pounds to work on losing after I’m cleared to exercise in a few weeks. Honestly it really seams daunting. I still look way more pregnant than I expected. Even though I wear flowy shirts, it still shows. Maybe I should wear my post partum belly proudly, some woman do. But I’m just not there emotionally. I’ve always been very thin so this is new territory for me. Something I need to take to the Lord, honestly. I hope to share more about this journey and my exercise plan once that time comes!
  • Misc: I keep having to preach grace to myself. It’s only been a month. Of course I don’t have everything down perfectly and have a clean house and look amazing and get all the laundry done and keep up with all of my friendships perfectly. Goodness. I just had surgery for crying out loud (and believe you-me…there is a fair amount of that!). Taking one day at a time, that is key. Also soaking up my precious darling munchkin as much as possible. What a beautiful treasure from the Lord she is!!