Strategic Layering

by starleewhite

The name of the game these days when it comes to fashion is…strategic layering. My postpartum belly is slowly shrinking, but I’m not back in my normal clothes just yet (dying to wear my jeans again!). So with the onset of Fall and cooler temps, this leaves me to get creative with layering in a way that doesn’t draw attention to my belly.
I wore this ombre dress and a-line shirt to my daughter’s baby dedication at church this last Sunday! I never would have put these pieces together before, but it’s fun to combine clothes in new ways that are practical, functional, and flattering!dearly-noted-lifestyle-blog-fashion-strategic-layering-post-pregnancy-style-urban-outfitters-1 dearly-noted-lifestyle-blog-fashion-strategic-layering-post-pregnancy-style-urban-outfitters-2 dearly-noted-lifestyle-blog-fashion-strategic-layering-post-pregnancy-style-urban-outfitters-3 dearly-noted-lifestyle-blog-fashion-strategic-layering-post-pregnancy-style-urban-outfitters-4

dearly-noted-lifestyle-blog-fashion-strategic-layering-post-pregnancy-style-urban-outfitters-5Outfit Details: top, Urban Outfitters; ombre dress, Marshalls; shoes, Target