39 Week Bumpdate

by starleewhite



How far along: 39 weeks
Food Comparison: A pumpkin (so naturally I had to get a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte!)
Weight gain: 39.5 lbs, my doula says this is a great amount of weight for me to gain given my body type and height. Sure feels like a lot to me!
Maternity clothes: SAD story! My ONE pair of maternity shorts that I bought (and they were $35! More than I spend on anything)got ruined in the wash! Good thing I’m so close to the end, but I was planning on wearing those in subsequent pregnancies….sigh.


Progression: A little over 1 cm and cervix is thinning. I think I’ve started to loose my mucus plug and I’m having cramps and lower back pain…all signs labor could be coming soon. I’m trying not to get my hopes up! I’ve been walking Josie like crazy and doing what I can to help this along! 🙂
Sleep: I’m up every hour to pee and rotate sides, so nothing new. I know I will be sleep deprived when she comes, but the idea of sleeping more than 1 hour in a row sounds like a dream!
Best moment last week: I’ve been continuing to sew little clothes for Flora and had a great time making this little top! I used silk from a dress that I accidentally ruined by having the iron too hot, and leftover fabric from making bow ties!


Worst moment last week: Ok, this is embarrassing, but when I was putting away laundry and saw that those maternity shorts got shredded in the dryer…I just broke down and cried. Like weeping crying. I was so mad that I had wasted good money on them, annoyed that they are the only thing that fits me and now they are gone, and once the tears started coming, they just didn’t stop. Sweet Daniel told me I could get another pair but what’s the point when I’m this close? During my quiet time today the Lord revealed to me that all that is earthly fades, perishes, tarnishes. Everything takes maintenance, upkeep, money to repair. Only my inheritance in Him will be sustained. He is my hope…not maternity shorts. 🙂
Miss anything: My body being my body. It’s SUCH a privilege to be a vessel for this little life and I’ve really enjoyed it. That being said, I am a bit ready to be ‘me’ again and have Flora be Flora.
Movement: She sure has been squirming at night lately!
Cravings: I still have the biggest sweet tooth. I’m a salty snack lover by nature, but after dinner I go crazy if I don’t have a little something sweet!
Queasy or sick: Praise the Lord, no. But there are def some new sensations as I near the end. Every gas bubble makes me wonder is something is happening! 😉
Looking forward to: Not looking like this giant panda here…

Prayer Request: I would draw my strength from the Lord and have the stamina to make it through the entire labor and delivery without any interventions. And as always, for a sweet healthy baby girl!!