38 Week Bumpdate

by starleewhite


How far along: 38 weeks
Food Comparison: A head of cabbage (6.25 lbs!)
Weight gain: 37 lbs :/
Maternity clothes: Yep. And I’ve never been one for wearing tennis shoes, but I’m in mine all the time. They feel SO much better on my feet when carrying all this extra weight.
Stretch marks: On the booty. Honestly I’ve got more new spider veins on my legs than stretch marks.
Belly button in or out: Neither! It’s just stretched out to be non-existent!
Sleep: I’ve been MUCH more tired this week. I read that is a sign that labor is nearing, when your energy level goes down. Been napping each day. I think the naps are good too in case labor does start, I will appreciate the extra rest!
Best moment last week: We had a great visit to my OB. Flora seems healthy and is head down. I’m 1cm dilated and 75% effaced!

Worst moment last week: Daniel was scheduled to go out of town for a concert this weekend that I wasn’t aware of. It was hard working through that. He isn’t going to the show now. I explained I really need him here with me even if I don’t go into labor. He sacrifices so much for me and I truly appreciate him!
Miss anything: My hips not aching in the mornings. I never realized the weight of the baby would pull so badly on my hips.
Movement: Less and less as she runs out of room! But she still squirms around in there!
Cravings: Last night I had a HUGE craving for pretzels. It was like 10:30 at night so I didn’t get any. Maybe I’ll have to pick some up today! 😉
Queasy or sick: No
Looking forward to: Having my sweet girl to take care of. I know it will be exhausting, but I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. And I’m currently already on ‘baby schedule’ working only 1 day/week so I just don’t have a lot going on right now! It will be nice to feel I have a ‘purpose’ again.
Prayer Request: A complication free delivery and that I could focus on the Lord through the whole thing.