37 Week Bumpdate

by starleewhite


(How INSANELY adorable is this stuffed animal from my friend, Ali?! Also…I thrifted this amazing child-sized hand painted rocking chair this week for $10!)

How far along: 37 weeks
Food Comparison: Swiss Chard
Weight gain: 35 lbs and it shows.
Maternity clothes: There are approximately 5 shirts that still fit me and I wear the same shorts and jeans everyday. So close!
Stretch marks: On the good ol’ bum. At least no one will see those!
Belly button in or out: Neither! It’s just stretched out to be non-existent!
Sleep: …is my enemy. It just doesn’t happen.
Best moment last week: I got to spend an ENTIRE day with some of my closest friends. We helped my friend Angie work on wedding decorations for half the day, went and got lunch at my FAV restaurant in town, then we made weavings in the afternoon! Here is how mine turned out (see the A Beautiful Mess tutorial, here!)! The day totally filled my cup!

Worst moment last week: Ok, I had THREE scary moments this week. One, I started choking on a super sharp chip at a restaruant. My mom had to rush to the kitchen and ask for hot water to soften the chip. It took 15 minutes for it to go down and my throat has been sore all week after that. Thankfully I could still breath through my nose and didn’t loose any oxygen to me or the baby. Two, Daniel was running into the grocery store and forgot to put on the e-brake on his stick-shift. I was in the passenger seat and the car started rolling backward! (I can’t drive stick). Y’all. I had no idea what to do except fling this massive body of mine over the middle console and desperately search for the break (hit the clutch first). Thankfully we didn’t hit anybody, but man…I was shaken up! Also, a stick shift lesson has happened since then. And three, on a walk the other night a car almost hit me! It was scary!
Miss anything: My clothes! I’m excited to wear them all again! My closet is separated into what fits me and what doesn’t. The ‘what fits me’ section is comical.
Movement: Just the usual. She’s not a crazy active babe, which I’m hoping means I will have a pretty chill baby!
Cravings: I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth lately. Been eating too many frozen dark chocolate chips from the freezer!
Queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Labor. Is that weird? We’ve taken an in-depth class and I feel fairly prepared. I’m excited for my body do what God designed it to do…and of course meet our sweet Flora Lee!!
Prayer Request: The timing of her arrival would be ‘just right’. I have various family members coming in town and I want them to meet her!