15 Ways Pregnancy Makes You Feel Like an Old Lady

by starleewhite

At 37 weeks pregnant I’ve come to sympathize with all the old ladies out there.

Let me explain:

  1. Getting down and especially up never seemed so hard. Like seriously…a work out.
  2. When you drop something you have to take a second to strategize on how to pick it up. Or maybe you just don’t pick it up at all.
  3. There is no more scurrying across the parking lot to get out of cars way. Nope. They will wait on you to waddle your way into the store. Maybe you aren’t using a cane…but you are SLOW.
  4. Simple things like going to the grocery store take twice as long b/c you now move at the speed of a snail. Forget that ‘quick trip’ to just grab an ingredient.
  5. You need a full time attendant (aka, a husband) to help you with normal household chores or to help you get your jeans off.
  6. Lifting heavy things is no longer an option.
  7. You’ve given up on shoes with buckles…bring on the slip ons!
  8. Going to bed by 8:30 sounds like a dream and with no help of an alarm, you are up by 6:30am like clockwork! (cough cough, I’m writing this post at 6:54am after already brewing coffee, brushing my teeth, feeding the cat, booting up my computer, etc)
  9. You wish people would stop feeling sorry for you. Yes, please hold that door for me…but also hold that look of, ‘Man, you look miserable’.
  10. Shaving your legs becomes a young woman’s game.
  11. Maybe today will be the day you get a kick to the bladder and pee yourself. There have been several close calls. Depends don’t sound so terrible…you’ve got to get used to diapers anyway, right?
  12. Releasing gas whenever and wherever no longer embarrasses you. Dang it. You just want to be comfortable, ok?
  13. Your boobs feel huge and saggy.
  14. A 1 mile walk as your form of exercise feels like a huge accomplishment.
  15. When walking with a group, suddenly they realize they’ve left you in the dust. Everyone seems like speed walkers!