36 Week Bumpdate

by starleewhite


How far along: 36 weeks
Food Comparison: A head of romaine lettuce
Weight gain: 33 lbs. The most my mom ever gained was 18!
Maternity clothes: I’ve tried to shop for items I can wear even after the baby comes, like this top from H&M (yay for their $5 sale!) and these Old Navy leggings.
Stretch marks: Thankfully, only a few. And they are on my butt (tmi?). I’ve used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark lotion like it’s going out of style.
Belly button in or out: In and almost stretched to be non existent!
Sleep: I’ve come to just accept that it might never be the same again. Haha. I wake up every hour on the hour and by 6:30am I am up for the day…like clockwork!
Best moment last week: Finding out the baby is in fact head down (she wasn’t 2 weeks ago) and has ‘dropped’! She is preparing herself! Also, a sweet date night with just my man and me! Not too many of those left before Flora arrives!
Worst moment last week: Trying to sort out what we will do if I go into labor while Daniel is at work. For some reason it made me emotional. Selfishly I want him with me from the first contraction to the last!


Miss anything: Being able to lift things. I’m in a huge nesting mode but you can only organize so much when you can’t lift anything heavy!
Movement: Some days she moves more than others. If I’m on the ‘go’ a lot, she stays pretty still. If I sit down for a while, she likes to squirm.
Cravings: Waffles
Queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: Fitting into my jeans again (hopefully!).
Prayer Request: That we wouldn’t go into labor early. Both my OB and doula will be out of town days before my due date. Hoping she comes right on time so I can work with both of the great people we’ve gotten to know over the last 9 months!