Wooden Toys

by starleewhite


The other day I thrifted this sweet little wooden toy for $.75. I’m such a sucker for wooden kid’s toys! To me they are so much more appealing than plastic multi-colored light up toys. There is just a simplicity about wooden toys that I’m drawn to.

On my baby registry I tried to steer away from bulky plastic toys and stick to things made with more natural materials such as wooden toys or plush stuffed animals.

I realize having a child will change the ‘look’ of my home (yes…there will be a swing sitting out, no…it won’t be as clean as I like), but I’d love to not loose my home’s ‘vibe’ completely.

Other mom’s out there, do you have any tips or tricks for keeping a tidy/trendy yet child-friendly home. I’d love to know as I’m about to make the transition. Thanks!!