Big Blue

by starleewhite

Every morning I play this really fun game where I stand in front of my closet and try to find something that fits over this big bump. I’m calling this look ‘Big Blue’…for obvious reasons. 😉


The longer I’m pregnant the more respect I have for woman that continue to look classy and put together clear to the end. It gets stinkin hard to fit into anything let alone look cute and stylish!


I have 2 blogger crushes that I’ve loved following as they’ve been pregnant (both just gave birth). Amber of Barefoot Blonde and Cara Loren. If you need maternity outfit inspiration…check them out!




 Outfit Details: top, Marshalls $10; skinnies, Gap (thrifted) $3.99; sandals, (thrifted) $.99; necklace, flea market; ring, my mom’s mood ring from high school!