Hiding Bad Bangs & A Double Chin

by starleewhite


Have you ever had your hairstylist move away? It’s pretty much the worst. What ends up happening is you get the urge to get bangs and go to a complete stranger who TOTALLY botches them up.


You end up pinning them back until they grow out and wishing you could go back in time to that very moment you decided to chop-chop and yell at yourself, ‘NOOOOOooooooo!’

Thankfully, I have found a new hairdresser (after that disaster) who blended what was left to blend of my bangs into this more layered look. I had to get a final ‘before the baby arrives’ cut and Bianca totally hooked me up (along with a free eyebrow wax…wha wha!).


 I’m still pinning my bangs back, especially on hot sweaty days like this. BUT, let me tell you…it’s so much better. Here is a selfie I took to send my mom after the ‘fix’:

photo (8)

The other super awesome thing Bianca did was teach me how to curl my hair to hide this lovely double chin I’ve developed through pregnancy. I’ve never loved my profile anyway. I have one of those chin/necks that isn’t elegant. It just kind of slants into this unattractive slope. Pregnancy has only accentuated this lovely feature.

Anyway. To hide this trouble area, Bianca encouraged me to use a flat iron and curl pieces toward my face. My mind was blown! I’ve always heard/read that you are supposed to curl away from the face. But this method subtly covers my neck when I wear my hair down. Hoorah!

Do you have any methods of dealing with botched up bangs or hiding a double chin? I’d love to know! 🙂


Outfit Details: T-shirt, Marshalls (similar); Maternity jeans, Target; Sandals, Kohls last year